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Evil Inc is a Guild in the amazing zero player game Godville.  This guild was formed by the Hero "The Dart" after many long and repeated requests by his god Tradwolley.  In fact, "The Dart" was punished and taunted for days before he finally decided it would be a good idea to form the guild.
Tradwolley felt it important for "The Dart" to form this guild due to the severe lack of evil guilds in the Pantheon of Unity.  Some of the guilds which did have an evil slant had names which were ambiguous, while a guild with the proud proclamation of their evil intentions was a rarity.  This guild is formed with the intention of becoming a great force for evil in the land.  All new recruits will be accepted, as long as they are bent on evil.  Anyone whose God gives too much encouragement will be taunted mercilessly.

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