Evil Genius

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Monsters of Godville
Evil Genius
Evil Genius.jpg
Class Humanoid
Habitat Evil hideouts
Description Very smart but deranged humans

Evil geniuses are incredibly intelligent individuals with evil intentions of going against anything good. An evil genius will cheat, lie and steal in order to accomplish his/her evil agenda. This usually involves world domination and the destruction of the sun. Evil geniuses can be found in laboratories, working on their latest evil invention. Dr Frankenstein, though not particularly evil, has become a sort of role-model for evil geniuses and many have tried to copy his experiment with varied amounts of success. Most evil geniuses, male and female, are bald but some have spiky hair. Some evil geniuses are capable of creating genetically modified creatures and using them in battle. The last words heard by many heroes are "release the mutant hamster!" Before they are mauled to death by a hideous genetically modified monstrosity.


  • High intelligence
  • Create powerful monsters
  • Determined and ruthless


  • Weak fighters
  • Poor weapon skills (some have been seen holding live rabbits and, on one occasion, fairy bread)
  • Often insane