Eternal Optometrist

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Monsters of Godville
Eternal Optometrist
Daemon Oculus
Do NOT let it give you an eye exam.
Class Soul-Eating Demon
Habitat Deville Eye Clinic
Description Demon with a Doctorate

The Eternal Optometrist is a vicious monster who cannot be taken lightly. It is a soul-eating horror that specifically consumes the souls of those with vision problems. It has a doctorate in optometry, which allowed it to open an eye clinic in Deville. Its clinic offers free eye exams.

General Information


Nothing is known about where the Eternal Optometrist came from or why it specifically eats the souls of those with vision problems, but it is extremely dangerous and is wise to stay away from. To find such victims, it attended the University of Monstro City to acquire a doctorate degree in Optometry. Afterwards, it began its killing spree by opening an eye clinic in Deville, where even the most minor eye problems, such as astigmatism, qualify any of this evil creature's patients as prey.

People began to wonder where some patients who entered the monster's eye clinic went. Eventually, the numbers of missing people rose to a substantial amount. This was enough to attract the attention of the authorities. And, after hearing the terrifying truth of this monster, said authorities began to encourage heroines to slay this beast. However, the monster always offers its attackers to have a free eye exam. So, if the heroine has vision problems, it's an instant win for the monster. This makes beating this monster difficult if the heroine allows it to give her an eye exam instead of refusing, since most people, especially heroes, don't have perfect vision.


The Eternal Optometrist, is one of the most hideous monsters on the planet. It is a dark blue fleshy abomination with one of its many red eyes on its head. It has four arms: One pair is large, the other is kind of small. The monster also has two wings, where all of its 38 other eyes hover below, acting like feathers. Also, it has six insect legs and a long tail. Lastly, it has three rows of teeth. When it is about to consume a soul, its 39 eyes begin to glow brightly and four tentacles sprout from its back. Two fins appear on the sides of its head, then its tongue glows red. It will use the tentacles to hold its victim in place so it can consume the soul by sucking it into its mouth.

The Eternal Optometrist about to devour the soul of a patient.


The Eternal Optometrist, being a soul-eating monster, may seem to be impossible to defeat. However, outside of its extremely dark and spooky diet, its relatively easy to beat since it doesn't have any other abilities. It will also not eat a Template:Hero's or heroine's soul if she refuse the eye exam. This is because the monster will not eat a victim's soul until it can diagnose a vision problem. But fair warning, if it is annoyed enough or extremely hungry, it may not care if the heroine has perfect vision or not and will consume her soul anyway. Also, if it is defeated, it will come back eventually. The Eternal Optometrist always comes back.



  • Soul-Eating
  • Ugly and Scary at the same time
  • Doctorate in Optometry


  • Anything that scares of evil spirits
  • Having perfect vision
  • Refusing to have an eye exam from this evil abomination
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