Eternal Dalmatian

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Monsters of Godville
Eternal Dalmatian
Canem Eternum
Woff Woff
Class Demonic Dog
Habitat They can be easily found in Beerburgh's suburbs
Totem for Eternal ⚜️ 
Description Just a normal dog, nothing to see here

The Eternal Dalmatian (Canem Eternum) is a forever demonic adorable monster.

General infos

I have no idea why people consider this perfectly normal dog a monster. Sure, if you stare too much into their eyes you may start thinking about that one time you stole a cookie from your grandma's secret stach and the sense of guilt may become so strong that it completely overwhelms you, leaving you to cry on the ground.

And sure, sometimes they are known for randomly trasforming into demonic hellspawns that will chase you to the end of the world untill you have confessed your sins. But those are all perfectly normal things that can absolutely happen with any other dog, right?

Eternal Dalmatians are kind creatures who value moral integrity above all, they can sniff evilness from miles away and they can't be decieved.


Unlike many other dogs they don't like to form packs. They prefer roaming around big towns, waiting for travellers to approach them and offer them food. Most of them do it, people have learned quite quickly that refusing to feed a demonic dog can be quite bad for business, they'll scare all the potential customers away, and follow their target for days without getting tired.

They almost never bark, when they do you know you are in trouble since it's the telltale sign of their transformation. Always listen carefully when they are in your vicinity.

Did you know?

  • This wonderful dog has been the Totem Monster of the Eternal for generations, nobody knows why this monster decided to tag along, but one day he just started showing up, helping the members of the guild during missions and inspiring the heroes to be better, on that day the paladins vowed to protect this species from hunting.
  • Blowing whistles when they are transformed will make them wag their tail. They'll still attack you though.