Essence of awesomeness

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The essence of awesomeness has a history that is shrouded in mystery.

No one truly knows where this healing artifact originated, but it is guessed at that the original essence of awesomeness was born from a single tear shed from the eye of the Godville Administrator. There are other theories that suggest that the essence of awesomeness was created when the first Arena battle between a pure good hero and an pure evil hero occurred (see Personality) and that it is all that remains of the two.

The essence of awesomeness has many uses, but its main purpose is to show any and all non-awesome heroes the benefits of being absolutely awesome. One of its many uses is the constant glow, which radiates off the hero and gives the illusion of being god-like. This not only allows the user's intrinsic fear of the dark to be greatly diminished, but it is also known that if the essence of awesomeness is eaten by a mischievous pet, the pet will not die, for the essence of awesomeness is non-toxic. (Isn't that awesome?)

The essence of awesomeness can be found by heroes of all personality types, whether they are good, evil, or anywhere in between. Though the essence of awesomeness is often spoken of, few have actually witnessed its true form and seen the awesome power it contains.

Some believe the essence of awesomeness is just a mere myth, but others claim to have truly experienced the vast and awesome amount of power it holds. Whether you wish to believe in it or demote it to a mere myth is up to you.