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All heroes must wear something as they progress through the milestones. Since they obviously aren't going to run around fighting monsters naked, they wear armor and wield weapons. This is what is known as equipment. There are tons of objects your hero can use to help finish their quests. Heroes get equipment in towns by either buying it, or as a gift from their Guild. Depending on the type and effectiveness of the equipment, it can cost a ton of money. Sometimes though, you may find that your hero missed a big sale or simply did not find anything interesting in a store and simply didn't buy a new set of boots or anything.

Left without a purchase because I'm starting to suspect the quality of my gear has absolutely no impact on my success as a hero.
— --Anonymous


The heroine proudly shows off her knee-high socks of luck.
  • Each piece of equipment has a number associated with it called its Durability which describes how useful, tough and just generally how amazing it is.
  • When you first get your hero, you will notice that all the equipment has a negative number for durability. This means that your hero's armor and weaponry is downright awful. Once your hero starts leveling up, he or she will find better stuff to wear and better weapons to use. Eventually, your hero's equipment stats will have plus signs on them. This shows that your hero's stuff finally is at an adequate level for you to be proud of.
  • Sometimes, you may notice that your hero bought some armor that lowered his defense instead of improving it. Don't worry, that's just him/her being an imbecile again. Sooner or later, the wasted money will be regained, and the hero/heroine will find something better to wear.
  • When a hero has possessed a piece of equipment for a long time, it may start to degrade. The longer a hero owns it for, the more the stats will decrease but do not worry, the process occurs very slowly indeed and a hero will usually have bought a replacement before it starts to happen.
  • While fighting, a hero's equipment may sometimes be damaged by a blow from the monster. The converse can also happen--a blow from the monster can strengthen the equipment. Also, a special kind of monster with the prefix "Smith" can repair your equipment if you win and damage your equipment if you lose. This is subjected to the Great Random so sometimes winning a "Smith" monster does not increase the equipment stats.

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