Encyclopedia Salesman

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Monsters of Godville
Encyclopedia Salesman
Class Demon
Habitat Towns and areas of civilization
Description A salesman of encyclopedic knowledge

The Encyclopedia Salesman is one of Godville’s strangest monsters.

Although historians have proposed many theories of the Encyclopedia Salesman’s origin, most Monsterologists believe that to create one requires hatching the egg of a Monty Python beneath an albatross.

Encyclopedia Salesmen closely resemble a human. This allows them to easily pass through towns unnoticed. Much like a vampire, they can only enter someone's home if invited. This is the main reason why they tend to pretend to be human. If they manage to get enter someone's home, they will proceed to devour the helpless inhabitant.

Long ago, in an attempt to protect the people of Godville from Encyclopedia Salesmen, the King of Godville (there happened to be one at the time) declared a total ban on the production of all encyclopedias. While the media hailed the ban as a complete success in eliminating deaths from Encyclopedia Salesmen, it also had the unintended effect of creating the largest gap in documented history. In that gap fell all knowledge of the dangers posed by Encyclopedia Salesmen. What remains today are only rumors and legends of history’s Encyclopedia Salesmen

Three hundred years later, the Godville congress lifted the encyclopedia ban. Yet, due to the persistent rumors and legends of Encyclopedia Salesmen, townsfolk are uneasy about any door-to-door salesman claiming to offer “all the knowledge in Godville for fifteen easy payments of 699 coins. Ask us about the deluxe version.” To counter this perception, Encyclopedia Salesmen often pretend to be vacuum cleaner salesmen, postal workers, political candidates, census workers, and even girl scouts.

Before dying, Encyclopedia Salesmen do actually tend to offer a wide range of lovely encyclopedias.

On a side note, these monsters always leave one of their encyclopedias behind in their victim's homes. No knows if this is a mark to identify the killer or if the salesmen just felt obliged to honor their deal.



  • A wealth of knowledge on everything from A to Z
  • Can lift many books at once
  • A sharp dresser and smooth talker
  • Is unfazed by persistent rejection


  • If a hero can get him talking on a subject, the hero can usually slip away unnoticed
  • Is only book smart
  • The updates are a fake