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The Encyclopedia Salesman is one of GodVilles' strangest monsters. Although many theories have been proposed as to the origin of this creature, most Monstrozoologists believe that to create one requires hatching the egg of a Monty Python beneath an albatross.

Closely resembling a human, the elusive Encyclopedia Salesman can easily pass through towns unnoticed. Much like a vampire, they can only enter someone's home if invited. This is the main reason why they tend to pretend to be human. If they manage to get inside someone's home, they proceed to devour the helpless victim.

Maby years ago, in an attempt to stop the spread of Encyclopedia salesmen, the King of Godville (there happened to be one at the time) declared a ban on the production of all encyclopedias. This led to (a) a huge gap in documented history, and (b) not only the decline of Encyclopedia Salesmen but almost a complete loss in knowledge of them.

CAlthough the ban was removed over three hundred years ago, quite a few superstitions still surround encyclopedias. Townsfolk are uneasy about them and many salesman have had to claim to be fulfilselling an entirely different product altogether to get inside the house.

On a side note, these monsters always leave one of their encyclopedias behind in their victims' homes. No knows if this is a mark to identify the killer or if the salesmen just feel obliged to honor their trade.