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Encouragement - the way to lighten up a depressed hero. Instantly performs a fabulous miracle guaranteed to cheer up anyone.

To encourage a hero, a god must use the 'Encourage' button on their Remote Control.This costs 25% Godpower. A Divine stream of consciousness then sinks down to earth and instantly affects the hero. Usually the hero will then have most of his health restored, which is handy in tight situations. At other times, the enemy may be healed instead. Sometimes they are both healed. There is even the possibility that nothing will happen at all, but the special effects go a long way to filling the hero's heart with happiness. Since divine intervention is special, a hero will always write about it in his diary. Encouragement also effects a hero's Personality. It steers him towards the side of righteousness, but constant encouraging is needed to remain good otherwise a hero will eventually drop back down to neutral.

So now you want to encourage your hero, how do you do it?

  • Send a sign, heroes are always asking for signs. They especially love those roadworks ones but never send them a speed limit sign or they'll get very angry.
  • Strange hallucinations are very good, they always seem to believe they are sent by god, even when they're not. Always go for the flying packet of bacon.
  • Randomly kill someone, not them though obviously. Heroes seem to be sticklers for a bit of 'smite the non believer!'.

Here are some common phrases that affect the hero after encouraging:

08:45: My head feels like it's bursting with knowledge and wisdom.  Was that you Exalted One?

Increases experience level by around 1%.