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An Encouragement is an influence a god can perform to lighten up an injured, depressed or otherwise unsuspecting hero. Instantly performs a fabulous miracle guaranteed (with some degree of backfiring depending on the place of use) to cheer up anyone.

General Information

To encourage a hero, a god must use the 'Encourage' button on his Remote Control. This usually costs 25% Godpower, although it may occasionally cost less. A Divine stream of consciousness then sinks down to the mortal realm and instantly affects the hero.

Usually, the hero will then have a sizable amount of health restored, but varies wildly. This is really handy in tight situations, like fighting against a special monster. Other times, it may result in the hero reading a long prayer, resulting in regaining Godpower. The hero may even receive a free artifact from a trader or gold, experience, quest progress or even an aura of rage should he already be at full health. Maybe his piece of equipment might be mended. If the hero has enough coins, encouragement may occasionally transform around 3000 gold coins (usually a little more) into a gold brick. There is even the possibility that nothing will happen at all, but the special effects go a long way to filling the hero's heart with happiness.

Since divine intervention is special, a hero will always write about it in his diary. Encouragement also affects a hero's Personality. It steers him towards the side of righteousness, but constant encouraging is needed to remain good otherwise a hero will eventually drop back down to neutral. A punishment will speed the process of reverting to neutral or even steer towards the dark side.

In the Arena or during a boss fight, an 'Encourage' will restore an amount of health directly proportional to his total health. At other times, the enemy may be healed instead. Sometimes they are both healed.

So now you want to encourage your hero, how do you do it?

  • Send a sign, heroes are always asking for signs. They especially love those roadworks ones but never send them a speed limit sign or they'll get very angry.
  • Strange hallucinations are very good, they always seem to believe they are sent by God, even when they're not. Always go for the flying packet of bacon.
  • Randomly kill someone - preferably a monster, not them though obviously. Heroes seem to be sticklers for a bit of 'smite the non-believer!'.
  • LOTS OF FIRE!!! (not as much or as harmful as a punishment could deliver, though)

Effects when encouraged

While traveling

  • Restores around 60-180 hp of their health
  • Deals extra damage to a monster (if fighting one)
  • Melts 3000 gold coins into a golden brick
  • Gain a boost to their experience
  • Gain a boost to their quest percentage
  • Mend any piece of equipment (+1)
  • Nothing.
  • Getting a great amount of Godpower
  • Backfire : Lose HPs.
  • Backfire : Heal a monster (if fighting one)

In town

  • Increases guild influence
  • When trading, may grants some gold (200-500) or a free artifact (even activatables).

During adventures

  • While in a duel with another hero in the Arena or a Boss-monster, it either restores health proportional to the hero's total health, restores both hero's and opponent's health, or just the opponent's.
  • In the Dungeon it restores a little health to every conscious ally or moderately just the caster's. It could also do nothing.
  • During a Sail it could either repair some health into the ark or backfire to lose some food supplies.
  • During Datamine, it may makes a medikit appears in a nearby case.


  • When <20hp, the hero takes shorter amounts of time to recover (5-10 seconds when pure good)
  • It's thought that the heroes are less likely to experience Death, ensuring a low death count and high ranks on the Pantheon of survival.
  • Constant encouraging will place the gods under the Pantheon of creation. The further away from neutral, the higher their rank will be.
  • The Saint achievement:
    • Honored Saint: 30000 encourages
    • Saint, 1st rank: 10000 encourages
    • Saint, 2nd rank: 1000 encourages
    • Saint, 3rd rank: Reach "pure good"


  • Compared to neutral or even evil heroes, good heroes don't dish out much damage to monsters and especially boss-monsters. Therefore, they take longer to gain experience.
  • Encouragements have less chances of melting a brick than a punishment does (due to its effective flames)
  • Cancels fishing upon use without an end reward

Assorted diary entries

!Hero's Diary
12:56 PM Golden motes whirled around the trader's pictures of known shoplifters, and I realized I could tell him where some of them were. He paid me 270 gold coins for the tips before getting out his weapon and temporarily closing up shop.

!Hero's Diary
12:55 PM The trader suddenly stuck his hand out, as if he was gifting me a fez dispenser. I wonder why I had to yank it out of his hand. Almost like he didn't want to let go...

!Hero's Diary
12:08 Walked into a healing ray to find that a floating book had descended in front of me. In a trance, I read almost all of it before I realized it was a prayer. Oh, Mighty One! You trickster, you!

!Hero's Diary
12:39 A beam of light fell and struck a frog that was sitting next to me. It suddenly transformed into a man who claimed to be a Ligerian Prince who had been cursed. He gave me 168 gold coins and said that he was off to repay all those he had scammed.

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