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* Unconventional attacks
* Unconventional attacks
* Coming unplugged
* Coming unplugged
* Liquids

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Monsters of Godville
Electric Fencer
Class Humanoid
Habitat near the outlets
Description championship duelist extraordinaire

The Electric Fencer is a mysterious sort of monster as it is completely covered with protective sparring gear and rarely speaks. The "electric" half of its moniker, rather than describing its personality, instead refers to the fact that the Electric Fencer runs on a/c power. This leads to some glaring weaknesses - chief among them the need for long extension cords and power outlets.

Being a purist, the Electric Fencer is extremely adept at all forms of competitive fencing but shuns other forms of sword play. Be warned that if the hero is foolish enough to challenge one on its own terms the Electric Fencer will surely win. The best strategy is to employ a multitude of fighting styles, weapons and defensive positioning (or none at all) in an attempt to overwhelm the monster - a la the Daffy Duck style of attack - "Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!".



  • Excellent duelist
  • No need to rest so always honing its skills
  • Protective Gear


  • Unconventional attacks
  • Coming unplugged
  • Liquids