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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 199
Map code EP
Known for Expensive stuff, expensive skills

Egopolis is a town in Godville. Egopolis was found by a hero named John Ego. Ego was a noted philanthropist and an all around great person. Ego was tragically killed in 12 B.G. while trying to save a mother and her small child from a ghulkeeper, Ego lives on the memory of the thousands who admire him to this day.

Unfortunately the name Egopolis attracted narcissistic, self centered and guiltless jerks over the years. If your guild is well-known here it might be due to that very reason that your members belong in the town or are very good at feeding the people of Egopolis' ego. Nonetheless a city full of residents that deny that they are wrong at all whatsoever are good people as well as less bothersome to have on your side. This town has a lot of things it is good for but a place to rest and a place to gain a sort of self-confidence.

Not to mention the high income earned from any items being sold. One of the best places to come back to after a good ol' dungeon raid. The reason for this being the mayor of Egopolis was once convinced by a hero that if their city was so great it would only be natural that heroes come there to sell the best of items and that it would be a way to show other towns their superiority by sprinkling around their wealth. This of course lead to grave consequences resulting to the town's bankruptcy, but since the gullible mayor of Egopolis' refused to admit he was wrong this practice has been continued up to this day; which results in the expensive items and skills.

Also if you take a proper look around the town and stay a while then you will see. How broken, penniless and blind this town can be.

But that's none of a hero's business now is it?

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