E.I.S. Eternal

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E.I.S. Eternal
Motto: Suggest one.
Alignment: varies
Date Founded: 05.23.2012
Membership Count: ~80
Pantheon of unity Rank: 165
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 6
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 7
Guild Page: E.I.S. Eternal 
Data current as of 07.01.2013 (all stats approximate unless off by a lot)

Greetings from E.I.S. Eternal:

Change or add what you like, this is what our members make of it.

We have a drinks menu and a members' lounge of undefined size but known to be quite large.
The members lounge is open to everyone, guests included, and includes several beanbag chairs, conventional chairs, and a sofa. Much of our furniture used to be part of some boss monster or other, which is why all the leather. Nothing pleasant or safe was harmed in the making of our guild hall.

All fountain drinks are served fresh from an actual fountain, because one of our templed members had more time and GP than restraint one night at the guild anniversary party and no one wants to remove it.

There is known to be a plot hole behind the couch. So no one drop your keys or anything back there, you may not ever see them again. For this reason, it makes a great wastepaper basket. And a Lost-and-Found when the Random is feeling cooperative. We keep our nonflammable guildwear in a small closet under the main floor stairs.

Suspicions of a Lag Monster taking up residence in this closet are as yet unconfirmed.
Erros, Demon of Typos, is known to occasionally stop by in the GC chat to sap a little life force and intelligibility from conversation.

Otherwise, the place is mostly harmless.

What Is E.I.S.?

E.I.S. Eternal is an interest group-based guild here on Godville. Specifically, we're interested in enjoying the game in a pressure-free, drama-free, politics-free environment.

What Does E.I.S. Stand For?

It stands for anything we want it to stand for. We are an all-inclusive guild that doesn't care about your alignment, your motto, your standing in any particular pantheon. If you leave the rest of the world outside, you're welcome in our house.

Our motivations and goals are as varied as our members. Some of us enjoy digging into GV esoterica (nominally the Esoterica Interactive Society). Some of us enjoy collecting achievements (no proposed EIS acronym yet). All of us enjoy creating a relaxed and fuss-free environment for each other (no EIS acronym needed).

We have no forum thread, and likely never will. Our members enjoy a nomadic forum life, and tend to make camp in other guildhalls. Other guilds' patience with our eccentricity in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Our Membership

GodSourceRunner  - Joined 23 May, 2012.

GodIncendiary  - Joined the something of March, 2013.

GodJimbob65  - Joined March 23, 2013.

GodMister meow  - Joined March 26, 2013.

GodAeroides  - Joined March 26, 2013.

GodVeggie  - Joined March 28, 2013.

GodJimbob64 (U • C • T)  - Joined May 20, 2013.

Add yourself to the list of members if you want. If you remember what date you joined, that too.
In fact, just add whatever you think would be fun. It's changeable later, and our history's being written literally every day.

Interested in Joining?

If you desire the quiet sort of guild life EIS offers, please instruct your hero(ine) to 'Join "E.I.S. Eternal" guild.' Any are welcome, but please leave your baggage at the door.

Quiet guild council mostly, during daytime on weekdays. It picks up on most nights, though, and we've got members from many time zones by now.