Dyna Mite

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Monsters of Godville
Dyna Mite
Dermatophagoides Trinitrotoluenus
Class Arachnid
Habitat Mines, Dark Caves, Underground Ruins
Description Exploding Tiny Arachnid

Dyna Mite is a monster that is extremely tiny, but very deadly. They are small arachnids with an uncanny ability to explode.

General Information

The Dyna Mite (Dermatophagoides Trinotrotoluenus) has special organs in their body that produce TNT, as exploding is the monster's natural defense mechanism. If they get crushed, make contact with fire, or feel threatened, they will explode - they create explosions that are about as powerful as a firecracker. Because of this extreme vulnerability, the Dyna Mite has evolved to mate very often and produce a lot of offspring, making their populations extremely large. Since they explode, most potential predators underground do not eat them, leaving them unchecked. However, they eat rock don't really have any prey either. Since their numbers are so large, heroes have been asked to help control this extremely large population of arachnids. But, if any manage to leave caves and make contact with sunlight, they become extremely aggressive and will explode anything it sees as a threat. However, this is rare and most Dyna Mites prefer to be in the dark. Because of this, they tend to move in the opposite direction of any form of light.



  • No predators
  • Small and hard to see
  • Small, but fiery explosions


  • Bug Spray
  • Easily crushed
  • Will die if explodes
  • Sunlight causes aggression