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The Dust Bunny (Sylvilagus pulvis "dust rabbit") is a tamable monster commonly found in the arid areas of Godville.

Wild Dust Bunnies

Although Dust Bunnies are one of the more common pets, they are very formidable in battle. Their leathery skin provides excellent defense and their razor-like claws can severely mutilate an opponent with just a few thrashes.

Their natural habitat is the desert, where they are the fourth most dangerous predator. This environment has given them their name; the sarcastic 'dust' bunny. Some heroes attempt to tame this wild beast after experiencing tough battle with it. Those that are successful, find that a pet Dust Bunny can be extremely helpful in battle and as a companion.


  • Natural defense and offense
  • Can survive harsh heat and low moisture environments
  • Very agile and high stamina
  • Extremely brave
  • Quick and sharp wit


  • Has no fur, so cold temperature may kill it
  • Claws can't cut through metal. In fact, they might break
  • Too playful for its own good

Pet Dust Bunnies

As pets, Dust Bunnies can never quench their thirst for blood. They have been known to eat the bloody carcasses of monsters and will often attack their owner if interrupted.

They are also very possessive and may steal artifacts to play with. Sometimes their play gets too rough and they will break or chew-up Activatable Artifacts.

Overall, they remain loyal and trustworthy. During battle, they may run to the nearest town and bring back healing potions, carrots, or a panel of roasters for their master. When an owner is heavily injured, Dust Bunnies will sometimes perform CPR. If needed, they will even sacrifice their own self to protect their beloved owner. Pet dust bunnies also love to be scratched behind the ears.

Raising Dust Bunnies

Heroes have been known to raise Dust Bunnies. A hero cannot raise just one, but must raise an entire family. To begin raising a family of Dust Bunnies, a hero must first find a cute little girl wearing a nekomimi.

!Hero's Diary
08:41 A cute little girl wearing nekomimi asked me to raise a family of dust bunnies. It's a bit weird, but why not embark upon this quest?

Following the successful raising of a Dust Bunny family (about seven to eight feet in height), a hero usually hands the Dust Bunny family to a not so cute girl wearing a nekomimi.