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#REDIRECT [[Dust Bunny]]
| image = dustbunnyX3.jpg
| description = Rabbit-like Lizards
| class = Reptile
| habitat = Desert
| levels = 18+
One of the more common pets, dust bunnies are in fact formidable in battle. Their leathery skin provides excellent defense and their razor-like claws can mutilate an opponent. Their natural habitat is the desert, where they are the fourth most dangerous predator, and this also gives them their name; sarcastic the 'dust' bunny.  Some [[Heroes]] tame this wild beast after experiencing a tough battle with it, and find that this little guy is extremely helpful.
As pets, Dust Bunnies are always hungry for blood. They attempt to eat the dead bodies of [[Monsters]] and will often attack their owner if they butt in. They are very possessive and may steal [[artifacts]] to play with, even breaking or chewing [[Activatable Artifacts]]. Overall, they remain loyal and trustworthy. During battle, they may run into the nearest [[Town]] and bring back some [[healing potions]] or cookies to their Owner. If needed, they will even sacrifice themselves to protect their beloved.
*Natural defense and offense
*Can survive harsh heat
*Very agile and high stamina
*Extremely brave
*Has no fur, so cold may kill it
*Claws can't cut through metal. In fact, they might break
*Too playful for its own good
[[Category:Monsters]] [[Category:Pets]]

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