Dust Devil

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Its dust and a devil, I fought it and for 30 coins

-Anonymous hero

The Dust Devil is, surprisingly, a very small demon that flies around on an equally small fleck of dust. Due to it's powers, it can manipulate a vast amount of it, and holds the dust together so that it appears to be something surrounded by a dust storm, most times in the shape of a monster with a wide mouth. Most heroes that get close enough to it would find that the Dust Devil had disappeared in the storm, only to be attacked from behind when it rebuilds itself. It is due to this fact that many believe the entity is a ninja.


  • Can disperse itself within the storm it makes to avoid damage.
  • Can use the storm to cause continual damage.
  • The storm it makes blinds heroes without proper headgear.
  • Its weak spot (The demon itself) can move around within the storm and entity's body.


  • Hitting its weak spot will make the entity crumbl, and cause the storm to weaken severely.
  • Heroes that bring a huge fan into the fight will find it easier to destroy the Devil of the dust.