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Dungeons are treacherous labyrinths below the surface of godville where there is much treasure, but also many traps to be found. A god with a temple can send his hero (at the cost of 50% of their godpower) into these places to bring back the treasure. Beneath the surface of the world of Godville, beneath the layers of treasure (not to be confused with the lairs of boss-monsters) lies the underworld, where those who have died wait for resurrection.

A long time ago, the various demons in the underworld built the Dungeons to keep heroes in for eternity after they had died. However, the heroes seemed to keep escaping them as their gods had found a button on their remote control that created a tunnel between the Dungeons and the world above, which the heroes would use to escape. Eventually the demons of the underworld had had enough and in a rage they destroyed that particular button, to prevent the heroes from escaping, only to find that they barely had enough time to lock the heroes in the dungeons before they were resurrected. As a result the dungeons were no longer used, and fell into disrepair. Eventually the admins of Godville repaired the button and since then, gods have been able to create tunnels into the underworld so their heroes can retrieve the treasure left there by fallen heroes.


A dungeon map.

Once in the dungeon, the gods will be informed of the heroes movements through the Dungeon Log, which is very similar to a duel log, only describing the heroes surroundings and movement. They can also view the dungeon as explored so far through the map, which appears as a grid of squares with various symbols in them. The Symbols have the following meanings:

Symbol Meaning Notes
@ Heroes Once the heroes have entered the room it will become an explored room.
? Unexplored room May contain various things as described below, should be avoided on low health.
Explored room Will produce the same entry every time it is entered, for one off events it will be replaced with a nothing at all entry if entered a second time.
E Exit Your heroes appear in this room. Landing on it after the twentieth step ends your adventure.
# Wall Will prevent your hero from continuing in that direction. Will appear as ? until heroes step into one of the 8 adjacent squares


The heroes will wander the dungeon by themselves, but will also listen to the instructions of their gods, who generally have a better sense of direction. Rooms can significantly affect the direction of the expedition as well as the outcome of the treasure hunt as they have several effects. Listed below are descriptions of each type of room and their effects.

Neutral Rooms

The dungeons mostly consist of these rooms, even though it may feel like there are more Trap Rooms than anything else in certain dungeons. Entering these rooms has no apparent effect, other than providing entertainment for the Gods and Goddesses.

  • Nothing happens.

Bonus Rooms

These rooms provide increases in godpower, gold, health, and loot. Some exist only once and generally provide higher gains while others may be used repeatedly but provide less gain. But, most of these rooms appear only once.

Increase in Godpower

Increase in Gold

  • A single member of the party finds gold (this may be accompanied by sustaining some health damage at the same time[citation needed]).
  • All members of the party receive gold (sometime a single member finds it and shares it with the party).
  • The gain is usually between 1000 - 2000 gold coins. This becomes less when shared.

Increase in Health

  • A single member of the party gains significant health (one off[citation needed]). Gain is between 50-150.
  • All heroes find something that heals them (one off[citation needed] or can be reused). Gain is between 15-30.

Increase in Loot

Hint Rooms

These rooms can come in quite handy in leading the party through the maze of the dungeon layout.

Hint for Location of Treasure

  • The heroes find a clue as to what direction they should search in. NOTE: These clues point in the direction of the treasure, but not necessarily the direction you should go, see diagram.
    If the "?" contains the treasury, a clue given at the heroes' previous location (to the north) would point south.

Hint for Boss Being Nearby

  • There is a sign that a boss is hiding in an adjacent room (any unexplored room adjacent to the room where the hint is given is the possible location of the boss-monster.

Trap Rooms

These rooms reduce health, gold and loot. But godpower may also be indirectly compromised in trying to keep the heroes alive/conscious. Unlike bonus rooms, these rooms' effects are all ongoing.

Loss of Gold

  • Gold coins get taken away from one or all members of the party.
  • The loss is usually between 500 - 1500 gold coins.

Loss of Loot

  • One member of the party drops an artifact.
  • All heroes drop some loot.
  • In each of these circumstances, each hero/heroine loses a single artifact.

Loss of Health

  • A single member of the party loses significant health. Loss is between 55-150.
  • All heroes find something that harms them slightly. Loss is between 14-55.

Special Rooms

One-Time Boss-Monster Fight

A boss-monster will force the heroes to fight them in a duel. As per usual duel conditions, heroes may lose health, gold, and/or artifacts. Occasionally, heroes may come out on top however. For instance, meeting and easily defeating an Enlightened boss-monster may leave the heroes with more godpower than what they entered with.

Treasure Room

The heroes find the treasury. The multiple rewards include: gold, loot, and possibly a log of gopher wood). The numbers in gains vary and the possibility of obtaining a log is explained further below.

Outcomes of Sending the Hero/Heroine to a Dungeon

The main aim of entering a dungeon is to find the treasure room, where there is gold, loot, and gopher wood, which the heroes will take before returning to the surface. If the hero has gotten fewer than two gopher logs from dungeons within the last 24 hours, they are guaranteed to find a log in the treasure room. If they have found two or more, then it is up to the great random.[2] However, there are many obstacles that can stop a hero from reaching the treasury:

  1. A hero will refuse to enter the dungeon if he does not have two partners. (Heroes will only enter as a party of three or more.)
  2. If only one hero is left, he will drag his team mates to the surface without looking back (two heroes must remain conscious at all times)
  3. If the heroes wander through 100 passages without finding the treasury, they will become bored and give up.
  4. Heroes may leave through the Exit they came in through (only if at least 20 steps have already been taken[3])


While in the dungeon the gods may affect the heroes journey through the following methods:

Direct influence

Encourage: Your hero will gain health or nothing will happen.
Punish: Your hero/group will lose health or nothing will happen. Avoid using this.
Miracle: All heroes will receive partial healing or just heal the user.

Voice commands

North: The heroes will move to the room above them on the map.
South: The heroes will move to the room below them on the map.
East: The heroes will move to the room to their right on the map.
West: The heroes will move to the room to their left on the map.

Godalert.com Dungeon Maps


The http://www.godalert.info/Dungeons/index-eng.cgi website provides a graphical description of a dungeon expedition. It also displays hints (the green arrows), possible locations of the treasure based upon those hints (the white question marks), boss-monster locations (the monster), and boss-monster warnings (the yellow triangle). Hovering a mouse curser above a blank square will display the diary entry for that particular square. Most importantly, Gods can attempt to match their current map with an existing map to obtain a full picture of the dungeon.

For more information on the Godville Dungeon Maps site, go to the form thread Dungeons: have you been to the Godville underground yet? or Godalert.com.


  1. Powerful magnets draw the heroes to the east. After stumbling onto an abandoned sanctuary, the heroes unrolled single-use prayer rugs neatly stacked nearby and sent rays of goodness to their gods. Visible pathways lead to the west, east and north.
  2. http://godvillegame.com/forums/redirect_to_post/2?post=224591
  3. Not knowing what they are doing, the heroes move to the west. The heroes are standing next to the exit, but their sense of heroic honor and dignity won't let them to leave the dungeon before traveling 20 steps. A fresh breeze blows from the east.