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The Dungeon Forge is unlocked by completing the Book of Creation. It allows deities to forge their own dungeon.


As said above, the Dungeon Forge firstly requires the deity to complete their Book of Creation.

Then to forge a dungeon, 10 words (or 40 glyphs) will be neccessary and it will also consume 50% of godpower.

Forging the Dungeon

The forging can be accessed via the button "Mapping Zone" which appears just below the Lab button.

You can then choose between 3 preset maps, each having a different layout and special conditions (those conditions are the same as regular dungeons).

The "final" boss of the dungeon will be a twin of your own Boss-Monster, and you can choose the emplacement of said boss on the map. Please note that even if it's called "final", this boss can be placed anywhere in the dungeon, even near to the entry, but that means that there will be likely no boss near the treasure.

Finish by selecting "Confirm this dungeon".


Once created, the Dungeon will last for 3 days. During this time, other deities' champions will go through your dungeon as any dungeon.

On the Mapping Zone option, you can check the stats of the dungeon which are as follow :

  • How many champions passed
  • How many failed
  • Remaining Time

On the other heroes' side, those will be notified that they entered such a Dungeon by an entry on the first step such as follow :

!Hero's Diary
The heroes are unaware that the master of this dungeon is Hairplug4men. Whatever that entails.

Your boss-monster will also have a special entry such as :

!Hero's Diary
Made of parts +Hyperbully+ informs the adventurers that he was put here by the dungeon master.

Forge Rank

At the beginning, your Mapping Zone menu will display an obvious Forge Rank of 1. According to the ratio of successful and failed outcomes, this rank will increase.

Exact effects of said rank have yet to be determined.


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