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Artifacts of Godville
Dug chest
Type ⚙️Activatable
Value Unknown
Description Buried loot from a mole's hoard.
Cost No godpower
Effect Grant some Artifacts

The Dug chest artifact is a possible reward from digging.


While harassing moles, heroes can now unearth chests with loot rather than breaking their shovels on them. Whether this is a result of shovels suddenly being stronger, moles being more generous or treasure chests being made out of weaker materials is known only to the administrators.

Diary Entries

!Hero's Diary
20:15 I didn't think I would find anything, but this chest proved me wrong.
!Hero's Diary
20:15 Suddenly the dug chest exploded in my hands. Found a priceless tag, a soup basket, some space-time continuum glue, a settled score and a 'Quests for Dummies' book inside.