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The duel chronicle (also known as the duel log, fight log, fight journal, or duel journal) is the official record of any duel a hero has participated in.

Boss-monster skirmishes, sparring duels, and arena duels are all placed in the celestial archives. However, due to limited space, duel chronicles are only available for thirty days after the fight is over. The convenient thing is that if you know who to ask, you can get a copy of any recent log sent to you. Also, due to the slow pace of duels, live updates can be sent to you for fights currently happening. The type of duel is stated at the top of the duel chronicle page.

If a duel chronicle displays a hero’s last fight, the hero will be on the left side and his or her influences will be displayed in blue text. Otherwise, the hero’s screen location and influence color are random.



  • Show off to friends and guild mates how you were victorious (or not);
  • Use it as proof for tourney results;
  • Keep tabs on a hero in a battle that your not logged on to;
  • (Imagine the possibilities).

Accessing the Duel Chronicle

From the Android App

To access a duel chronicle using the Godville Android App, go to the “Hero” page and press on the “Won/Lost” row. A screen should open titled “Fights History”. Press the button in the bottom left corner labeled “Last fight log”. At the top of the page is a (link). A god may click that link to obtain a web address sharable with other gods.

From the iPhone App

It is believed that the instructions for the iPhone app are the same as the android app.

From the web browser

To access a duel chronicle using the Godville website (www.godvillegame.com), go to the “Hero” page and press on the numbers to the right of the “Wins/Losses” row. Those numbers should look something like 29 / 25, or some other combination of two numbers. A box should open titled “Fight History”. If you have been in a fight recently you can click on the “last fight log” link. This will take you to godvillegame.com/hero/last_fight. Sharing this link with others will just bring them to their last fight. At the top of the page is "(link)" which takes you to godvillegame.com/duels/log/uniquecode which is sharable with other gods. Duel chronicles may be saved in the same manner as any other webpage.

This page still has the same formatting as the old hero page however Godville has accepted changing the page to the the superhero format and changing the link of the personal copy to godvillegame.com/superhero/last_fight.


Again, the page Godville creates only lasts for three days however there are several internal and external ways to preserve the fight history:


  • GodWiki:Users: Each god has a user page on the wiki that they can edit. Here memorable/historic fights can be recorded.
  • Hero's Chronicles: Each god also has an editable field on their god page on the main site but with less formatting freedom.
  • Forum: There are threads such as godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/407 created for such postings however this is rarely done.


  • Screenshot: Screenshots can be taken of the log and then uploaded to an image sharing site such as imgur or photo bucket. This is the most pure way of preservation however one screen shot may not encompass the entire log. Therefore additional screenshots would be required to either be uploaded as individual pictures or as one tall picture.
  • Pastebin: An easy quick way to post shareable text.
  • Google Docs: Also optionally shareable and the text can be formatted to include VC color change. Screenshots can also be pasted to a text document or be uploaded as an image here.
  • Hard copy: Right click and save the page then perhaps find a free host to upload to.