Drunken rampage

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Type: Combat skill

Explosive Cocktail

It is somewhat baffling that, given the average hero's penchant for near-toxic alcoholic beverages and ill-reputed taverns, few truly master this most effective combat skill. Perhaps this stems from the confusion of often considering mere abusive drunken behaviour (a practice at which all heroes excel) as a true combat skill, when in fact that is not the case.

Drunken rampage, on the other hand, refines unprovoked senseless violence to its absolute perfection, dealing increasing collateral damage as the hero's skill is honed by the consumption of ever stronger and explosive alcoholic cocktails. One of the great advantages of this skill is that no elusive Grand Master is required to perfect the hero's training. In fact heroes are perfectly capable of self-train themselves, given enough time and money. It was rumoured that Drunken Fist was originated from this combat skill.


Level 1-5

Loud and often coarse language that saps the opponent's confidence coupled with violent pushing and shoving.

Level 6-10

The hero would usually grab any glass object in the vicinity and smash it, using the shards to cause grievous bodily harm.

Level 11-20

Any object within a 30-foot radius would instantly be turned into a makeshift weapon by the hero and used to great effect even against multiple foes or innocent bystanders.

Level 21+

At these levels the hero's breath becomes a deadly weapon in itself, either stunning or poisoning all so unfortunate to find themselves downwind. Moreover all the combat techniques displayed at lower levels are combined into a true rampage frenzy, hence the skill's name.

How to perform

Step 1

Drink copious amounts of booze, preferably of low quality and high on alcohol content.

Step 2


Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with ever more potent alcoholic mixtures.

Step 4

Unleash the rampage that has been building all along, ideally against actual foes, though innocent bystanders may be considered acceptable targets under the circumstances.