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Monsters of Godville
Regina ebrius
Class Humanoid
Habitat Near castles
Description Drunken female, usually in a nice dress and possibly a tiara

The Drinkerella (Regina ebrius) is a humanoid monster that wanders the outskirts of the castle they live in, having snuck past the castle guards after a night of heavy drinking.


There are several ways a Drinkerella can be brought into existence, but the most common origin is as follows: a young woman hastily marries into nobility, and after some time passes[1], the woman becomes bored and unhappy with her new husband and life as royalty, and is inflicted with a condition known as 'alcoholism'[2]. Over time, her alcoholism will fester and grow to the point she can't control herself and her actions, and will regularly become heavily intoxicated, which causes her to leave the castle to seek out strangers with belligerent intent.


A group of four Drinkerellas gathered at a tavern

Aside from a few key differences (as listed below), a Drinkerella's fighting technique is not all that different from the average drunken brawler's, and therefore your heroine should not have too much trouble putting one down.


  • Fueled by liquid courage
  • Stiletto heels and spiky tiaras can make for deadly weapons


  • Fancy ball gown can be limiting to movement while fighting


  1. โ†‘ The exact amount of time varies by individual specimen, but is typically within a few months of marriage.
  2. โ†‘ Alcoholism is clinically defined as 'an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency'.
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