Dreaded Gazebo

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The Dreaded Gazebo haunts gardens and other well pruned areas and hunts down those who dare to trespass. Brought to life by the Evil god Edmaster to haunt the fields and forests haunted by the dreaded Trespassing Goth, defending it against then to the death. It is quite worthwhile to know that while these dread creations are pure evil the dread god Edmaster's hero Poim is quite good. Quite a dicotomy I must say. The reason behind these horrific things aside, it is notable to say that they lure you in with the promise of roses and wine and then crush you with their wooden selfs inflicted much damage and indeed, crushing most weeklings and other unworthy beings in their evil grasp. Why they even tried to kill their creator Edmaster's uncharacteristicly good follower with their evil power. However he managed to defeat the Fell beast waltzing into the distance while it regenerated behind him, duplicating itself by feeding upon the power of their god given to them through his follower Poim. Had he known this he would have never allowed this atrocity to continue but he was but a pawn in his evil god's greater sceme to continue the subversive means to acquire evil followers for the purpose of worship. And remember, all hail the hypno-toad, he is also a minion of mine.

Bonuses Immune to wood attacks great views of nature result---very distracting