Dreaded Gazebo

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The Dreaded Gazebo haunts gardens and other well pruned areas. It loves well pruned flowers and bushes, is especially attracted to fruit trees, and will spend many hours pruning those flowers and fruit trees. It often keeps its own garden, and is extremely unhappy when a hero invades the garden. As a result, the Dreaded Gazebo often frequents itself into deadly battles.

Because of this, the Dreaded Gazebo is quite a misunderstood creature, with heros (and members of the OWCA) believing that it is a merciless killer. Nonetheless, those heros seek out the Dreaded Gazebo to kill it.

Bonuses and Weaknesses

The Dreaded Gazebo has two strengths that it can use against an attacker (eg a hero). It is immune to any attack involving wood, and also has many sharp thorns. Its view on nature can be very distracting to a hero. However, the Gazebo often bursts into flames at the touch of fire (but heros are too stupid to exploit this weakness). The Gazebo is suspecatable to termite infestations, which can turn the strongest of its kind to dust, and any crazy singing lumberjack within the Gazebo's vincity is likely to weaken the Gazebo dramatically.