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| drainSnake.png
| image = drainSnake.png
| description = Viper that lives in Plumbing Systems
| description = Viper that lives in Plumbing Systems
| class = Snake
| class = Snake

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Monsters of Godville
Drain Snake
Lachesis Profluvium
Class Snake
Habitat Sewers, pipes, plumbing systems.
Description Viper that lives in Plumbing Systems

Drain Snake is venomous snake that lives in pipes, sewers, or any form of plumbing. It is also infamous for being rather aggressive In fact, this reptile is the reason why all drains have coverings or grates. They are typically 6-12 feet long. Why the drain snakes first ventured into sewers and pipes is unknown. Be it food, protection from predators, or maybe they simply just wanted to. Whatever the reason is, they really don't belong in there.


General Information

The first ever sighting of a drain snake was an attack in [Los Adminos], where a resident of the city suddenly felt excruciating pain as they walked by a sewer drain, which back then, had no cover. The resident looked back and saw a large reddish-brown snake with black diamond-shaped patterning. The person screamed, "There's a snake in the sewers!" before dying from the extremely potent venom. But by the time anyone even bothered to look at the sewer drain, the Drain Snake had already retreated back into the sewers.

After several countless other attacks across all of the land (78.23% of which were heroes), the towns where most of the attacks occurred began to investigate and implement measures to stop the countless snake attacks. As they all discovered, extremely large, venomous snakes were living in the sewers and many other kinds of plumbing systems. This was seen as both good and bad. Any pests that live in the sewers were probably getting eaten by the large snakes. But, countless snake attacks were causing the streets to be extremely dangerous, especially around drains. So, all towns began adding grates and covers to prevent the snake attacks from occurring... for the most part. There were still some snake attacks occurring, being maintenance workers. So what was the solution? It depends on the city. In Template:Monstro City, many residents who were immune to venom were hired to maintain the sewers, as well as with others cities, allowed heroes to wander the sewers and kill the Drain Snakes, as they are now deemed monsters. Nowadays, Drain Snake attacks are very rare and most Drain Snakes avoid heroes at all costs.



  • Extremely big and scary
  • Deadly venom
  • Live mostly in sewers, but sometimes other kinds of plumbing systems, making them quite unpredictable and hard to get to.


  • Armor or metal breaks their teeth
  • Only smart enough to avoid heroes
  • Any kind of lethal weapon