Double dragon

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Pets of Godville
Double dragon
Class Golem
Habitat Underground
Description Golem made of adminium and gold, has an Adamantine jewel on it's forehead
Tame at levels 45+
Features Unknown

If one could combine the strength of a dragon, the cunning of a rat, and the heads of a hydra, the outcome would be this monster. A Double Dragon is one of the most unique beasts for its intelligence is just as formidable as its raw power. Unlike other behemoths, this one has the smarts to match wits with even the brightest Chessmaster. The DD has an wide variety of offensive and defensive options, and most of them can be performed at one due to its two brains. By prioritizing defense in one head and offense in the other, DD's leave NO openings for an enemy to land an attack. The only course of action would be to try to get the heads to argue; They are essentially siblings after all. DD's usually prefer to eat other monsters of its size, but it won't have mercy if challenged to a fight. Heroes would be wise to simply leave one alone if they see it.


Double Dragons are two headed dragons. They come in green, dark blue, red, or black colors, but some have been in white. They are medium sized for a dragon, reachin 70 feet tall and 85 feet long. Their backs are covered in jagged spikes and their tails are mace-like. Their claws can be used as swords if forged right, and their scales can be fashioned into the toughest of shields. Only the Grayscaled Dragon has a tougher hide. The only thing that can penetrate a DD's skin is their own spikes. Another unique aspect is its ability to shoot lightning and fire. Both heads are capable of doing this, but one head is usually designed to think, so its flames are weaker on that side. It is important to note that DD's tend to argue a lot. From who should eat what to which one is better looking.


Double Dragons love the mountains for its rich supply of caves and the hefty supply of clouds. The Jagged Peaks is their favorite so far. The Cave of the Weak Witted Oracle is their nesting site until they are old enough to fly. Inside caves, they eat any other beasts roaming around while washing them down with liquid nitrate.