Double cross

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Artifacts of Godville
Double cross
Double Cross Coin.jpg
Type 🧷Normal
Value 134
Description A completely everyday and normal item.


The "Double Cross", contrary to popular belief to be a figurative object, is, in fact, a polished brass coin minted by an unknown artist approximately in 1800 g.e.. The Double Cross was then found buried deep under the ground in the surrounding suburbs of Godville in 2294 g.e. and has since changed owners until it was lost by a careless merchant in 2673 g.e.. The coin's Merchant's price would have summed up to 2000 Coins when it was lost as both brass and metallic art was scarce. However, due to a unexpectedly large metal vein discovery by Sir Lincoln Leichester, a renowned dog in Dogville in 2756 g.e., metal prices steeply reduced and artists all over Godville started to use the cheap metals in their works. Since the material and style used to make the original Double Cross is indistinguishable from the modern coin artworks, the trading price for it now is very little (134 Coins).

Where to find

In the surrounding vicinity of Godville, while questing.


Below is a list of known events gathered subject to the Double Cross Coin:

  • Produced by unknown artist
    -approx. 1800 g.e.
  • Uncovered by the Godville Archaeologist Foundation
    -2294 g.e.
  • Donated to the guild Godville's Regiment for safekeeping
    -2294 g.e.
  • Accidently mistaken for an ordinary coin and traded with local Godville tax officers
    -2338 g.e.
  • Taken from the Godville Bank by a gang of Thieving Vending Machine led by a mysterious occultist
    -2545 g.e.
  • Extracted as spare change from the remains of a Thieving Vending Machine by a hero
    -2672 g.e.
  • The same hero traded the it to a merchant who conveniently mistook its true price and instead exchanged 600 Coins for the artifact
    -2672 g.e.
  • The artifact has since then been dropped coincidentally in the same region where it had once been found; the suburbs of Godville and has remained unfound ever since
    -2673 g.e.