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Monsters of Godville
Dork Knight
Miles fatuus
Class Humanoid
Habitat quiet corners in run-down castles
Death Rattle "Have at you!"
Description weak chin and sad eyes

The Dork Knight (Miles fatuus) is a nerdy low-rank knight monster who ventures on evil quests and most of the time ends up being killed by Heroes.


It can easily be mistaken for the Silent Knight (Miles tacitus) as they are both rather quiet and introspective. Brethren to the Little kKnight Light (Miles lucidus minor), also a quiet little fellow, only seen at dusk.



  • Can weasel in to tight corners to steal gold bricks, due to its slim build
  • Hard to hit as it tends to flop about in combat, with no real substance to strike at


  • Prone to hay fever and runny noses and fits of the sneezes, which can seriously impair its combat abilities
  • Always has to be home in time for supper

Field notes

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