Divine Lake

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Divine Lake


Once upon a time, a crystal clear pond was here for cows to drink from and people to swim in. When a few monsters traveled here from Los Demonos, they tracked ashed rain which eventually lead to the lake becoming filled with magma.


The magma here flows from Los Demonos in beautiful colors of yellow, orange, red, and OMG-I'm-on-fire black (TM). There are tiny streams of lava which branch from the main lake like a beautiful tree that is on fire. And made of magma. You know - it's freakin' LAVA! It should go without saying you shouldn't try putting your toes in to see what the temperature is like.


Located south of Los Demonos and west of the Eastern Magmatic Plumules, surrounds the Great Lava Desert of Trogh and is within walking distance from the Qu'tox Ocean.