Divided by Z3R0

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Divided by Z3R0
Motto: Hey look, I divided by zero! Oh, shi-
Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: January 3rd, 2018
Guild Page: Divided by Z3R0 

For many Gods and Goddesses, creation and the managing of life is a simple and carefree life. However, there are those of us who must go out of our ways to bend every rule, shatter all foundations, warp the normal paradigms, and do what we can simply because we could. Divided by Z3R0 is a collection of such deities and their heroes.

In our known universe, there is but one rule that simply cannot be broken, one constant which would have unfathomable consequences should anyone ever deviate from the safe and sane practices and venture into the unknown: Division by zero. Here we gather, constantly trying to work out Physics' most enigmatic law while trying to decipher its meaning and how that very rule could be broken.