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Guildsign.jpgHello and welcome to the guild Diversity.

My name is Repsaj and I am the prophet of this guild, the founder is unknown. Over thousands of years this guild has ruled the streets of Godville. For quests we have wandered the endless number of milestones and battled millions of monsters. But hey, who's keeping track right? Anyway, this is a free to join guild. Please do understand that there are certain rules even in this guild.

This Requires Further Study.

1. Fight with a pure heart, may it be righteous or wicked.

2. Try your hardest to let your hero stay in this guild as long as possible. (How-to is in the FAQ of Godville)

3. Do not speak ill of this guild, but promote it to friends, more members means more profit.

Also, please do not edit the front page without permission. For permission: message me

thank you very much,

The God Repsaj

This Requires Further Study.

Current High Rank: Cicerone

“A beer sommelier, also called a Cicerone, is a trained professional who works in the hospitality and alcoholic beverage industry, or lord god overseer of heroes, specializing in the service and knowledge of beer.”