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A very long time ago, a Blood Elf Warlock was born into the world of Azeroth. As he looked around for the first time with new eyes, he saw wondrous things. Strange buildings and creatures were all around him and one of them wanted to speak to him to start his journey into the World of Warcraft.

The young warlock was named Argusi. He was named as others before him for decades, but that's another story. As Argusi quested and became stronger, he found some of his friends roamed the same world. His friends were far stronger than him, so he adventured alone for a time. They helped him get his Felsteed and eventually he conquered the Dreadsteed! What a great day that was! I remember being stopped by a lower level Orc and them saying they admired my flaming steed and they had never seen one before!

One day, Argusi decided to try to see if he could survive a battleground. Argusi's human overseer burst eardrums that night in Ventrilo with cries of excitement. This was a new and exciting time in the young warlocks life. He had just reached level 40 and found he did indeed, enjoy killing, with honor.

As he ventured farther and farther into the dangers of the world, he would occasionally be killed and camped by higher level Warriors and Rogues. He silently studied and practiced. He kept his skills honed for PVP, even when questing. Eventually, he could conquer higher levels, unless they possessed precise and practiced skill. As he reached maturity, he fought for armor and trinkets to make him stronger. He played with friends to fight in Arena. They were Raiders and had top level gear for PVE. Eventually, they were all successful and flourished. It was not unusual for Argusi and a Warrior last standing in the arena and his teammates screaming go Argusi, go! DoT and kiting for the win!

While adventuring, other friends would join our world and I would help them level and hone their skills. As they ventured out, they too would occasionally be camped and mocked by the Alliance. I would respond and keep watch as they quested. As Horde, we learned to hate the Alliance and looked forward to war at the Crossroads and outside Horde and Alliance cities. Later, comes Raiding INTO Alliance Cities!

As we spoke, we found that the Raiders and non-guild toons were at times not happy. Raiders would spend hours preparing to conquer difficult dungeons and at times were actually unhappy due to the pressure of the Raids. The non-guildies did not have the support of a family to help them flourish. After some discussion, Argusi decided to save gold and start a new guild. The first and original Diversity!

It was named as we would take anyone, at any time no matter if they were an Orc Warrior Raider or a casual Tauren Druid (Moo Cow) quester. As word spread, new toons were created just to hide from outside pressures. People joined just because of the relaxed atmosphere. Over time, word spread quietly and Diversity grew to over a hundred strong. It was a well kept secret from the hard core. It was a place to go where the only rule was "Don't be a jerk". Everyone was helpful. Everyone shared.

Ranking was based on the ancient Japanese leadership structure from Peon to Shogun to instill the ideal of Honor. When someone needed to run a dungeon for a class quest or gear, there were always others to help. If someone needed protection from a higher level camper and griefer, someone would come. If someone wanted to just chat over Vent while they quested, people were there. Players from 12 to over 50 years old, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, random people all worked together and enjoyed the game as a Diverse Family (Did you see what I did there?).

Relationships were formed and friendships that still last years later were normal. I haven't played since the Panda's were introduced, but I still speak to friends I met in game from other states and occasional visits are not uncommon.

In a nutshell, that's how Diversity was born.