Dima Dmitry

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Dima Dmitry
Champion of the God: FromAnimus
Personality: Lawful Neutral "Judge"
Gender: male
Level: 37
Motto: Fear the pøwer of Mages!
Guild: The Circle of Mages
Guild Rank: Grand Master
Guild Position: Grand Enchanter (Founder)
Wins / Losses: 65/14 (21 wins streak - best)
Pet Type: Stripeless Zebra
Pet Name: Gleep “Vivid"
Pet Level: 9
Pet Healing Count: 0 (1 in total)
Favorite Town: Tradeburg
Largest Ever Gold: 60 113
Most Hated Monster: Hemogoblin
Personal Rival: Psychiatrists
Rumor has it that FromAnimus submits especially good ideas and votes for the submissions of others.
Godville Times, 1707 g.e.


Favorite 1st.pngBuilder 2nd.pngFiend 2nd.pngChampion 2nd.pngSaint 3rd.png Invincible 3rd.pngDueler 3rd.pngAnimalist 3rd.pngMartyr 3rd.pngHunter 3rd.png


I heard somewhere that good die young. I'm so glad I'm such a horrible person.
— Dima Dmitry's dairy

It looks like that's the reason why he prefers lightning bolts, than some pointless butterflies.

!Dima's dairy
Note to self: in Godville, if something moves, it will most likely try to kill you.

It's also true in most games.

Dima's statistics for Circle's RP

Name: Dima
Race: Wood Elf - comes from wild elvish tribes living in woods.
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral “Judge
Aspects: Elemental Magic, Dark Magic, Conjuration.
Spells: Elemental – Lightning bolt (Damages 1 target, possibly stunning him, weak – as all initial spells)
Dark Magic – Negative energy beam (Damages 1 target, weakening him, low damage)
Conjuration – Summon weaker Fire Elemental (summons weak Fire Elemental who helps the caster.)
Pet: Dragon (not that huge ones… mini-version, half the size of a normal human). Ability: Fire breath (can damage several opponents, sets them on fire. Possible to hurt allies).
Background history: Dima as the first mage in Godville decided to create an academy for people who show sensitivity to the magic. Together with Inclina (LoveZustra’s heroine) they’ve established “The Circle” in order to help others control their natural gift, and to lead them safely through dangers of magic.
Target: Dima’s target is to become the Archmage (most powerful mage of the history), and to make Circle’s mages known and highly valued Godvillewide!
Look description:(like my avatar) Dima wears long black robes with defensive runes (of golden colour), and he uses enchanted staff wich helps him cast spells (can be used as well as a blunt weapon).
1. Wise and clever
2. Has leadership abilities
3. Due to long training he is not getting tired after casting spells.
1. Weak in direct combat
2. He’s sometimes losing concentration
3. Afraid of deep dark caves with huge spiders


At first Dima's god tried to be good and help his champion in the trouble of spreading peace, and love in all places, from Godville to Unspecifiedistan[1]. It has been said, but not done... Despite his best efforts Dima was not able to succed. Then god, angry at his champion, sent first ever meteorite to show what he really can do with his life. Under continous shower of his god's anger, Dima's heart has been changed... To worse... And now, with scars and deadly anger, held inside his soul, Dima became the warrior of doom[2]This dangerous human believes in 3 things: His god, his tools to spread evilness (sword and magic), and some beer!

'Am I evil? Yes I am...'
— Dima


'Am I good? Sure, I am...'
— Dima

While Dima loses faith

!Dima's Diary
Sometimes I wonder whether you are really real, Mighty One. Then I look at the smoldering corpses by the side of the road and my faith in you is restored.

And that's a good point my hero! Remember I can do the same with you anytime I want.

!Dima's Diary
Lost my faith. Got struck by lightning. An ardent believer again!

Problems and Solutions

Everyone in his/her way meets problems. For heroes problem means encountering strong monsters or running out of beer supplies. But finding a proper solution is hard (well, not always). By example I will use Dima. When he encounters too strong enemy, he "honorably retreats", when his beer supply is low he simply runs back to town, and while he's being punished by his god, the best he can do is ask for more. It's all because Dima follows this simple rule:

The best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one.
— GLaDOS, Portal 2

The Circle of Mages

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My friends

My best friends in Godville who help me all the time. Many thanks to those listed here[3], they're very good people!

  • GodLoveZustra  - My best friend in Godville. Co-Founder of the Circle.
    Many, many thanks for her support!
  • GodPoseidon82  - I was always able to trust him, or ask him a favor. Founder of 300 Immortals - allied with Circle. Now inactive.
  • GodNano soul  - Senior Enchanter of the Circle and my main advisor (with many good ideas). Can be counted on!
  • GodRustez  - From my "Motherland". Also, a very nice guy :}
  • GodArthanea  - Very shy person. Hardly ever writes in GC, but she has great ideas!


  1. Best position in pantheon of creation: 3rd.
  2. Best position in pantheon of destruction: 1st!
  3. More friends coming soon. (Probably)