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Digging is a messy operation in which a hero translates conglomerations of organic debris to a different point on the Godville spacetime matrix, usually with the aid of a shovel.

The aim of this, as currently understood by the most distinguished Godville scholars, is to make contact with objects previously made inaccessible by the shroud of Godville-based matter. The objects in question may be gold coins, gold bricks, artifacts or an abstract sphere of existence known by some as "diddly squat" but more usually referred to as "well that was a waste of godpower".

When multiple heroes team up together, they can get a lot more work done and may dig so far down into the lithosphere that they discover the living quarters of a subterranean monster, that is of course subsequently labelled a boss-monster and attacked before the poor thing even has the chance to offer them tea and cream-cakes. Just rude.

Getting Started


Digging is triggered by a voice of god command, such as "dig" or "please dig". There is a 1/3 probability of the hero actually digging once commanded to, but this assumes no 'external' influence, for example, a monster trying to rip the hero's head off. As with any other voice of god command, the hero is not always in a position to listen, and good timing is essential.

The timing of "dig" commands follows the same advice as for any voice command: when your hero is just travelling on the road, not busy doing anything else, and no more often than every 30-60 seconds (or, in game terms, once per milestone is a good guide).

Since it can take quite a lot of attempts to make your hero actually dig something up, you may wish to wait until you have full godpower. Also, since one of the possible outcomes is immediately joining a boss-monster fight, you may choose to dig when your health is full.

Responses and Reactions

Several things can happen when your hero listens to your "dig" command.

  1. Nothing. They might listen, and dig, and find nothing.
  2. They might find gold (anything from 1 to ~2500 gold).
  3. They might dig up a gold brick.
  4. They might dig up an artifact.
  5. They might dig up a slightly used piece of equipment and immediately don it on them, keeping on to the old piece of equipment to sell later.
  6. They might dig into the lair of an underground boss-monster.

Finding a Boss Monster

There are a few conditions (beyond luck) before your hero will fight an underground boss-monster.

  • Your hero's health must not be in the red.
  • Your hero must not be fighting alone.

Much like the arena, dungeon, and sailing queues, a successful dig command can place your hero in a queue to match with other foolish brave hero to join forces against the boss. Your hero will wait up to 4 minutes to match with at least one other hero, who has either successfully dug into the same boss-monster lair, or used an activatable artifact to join the queue. If no other hero joins in time, then your hero will stop queuing and resume questing. (There is no diary entry for this queue timeout.) You may ask friends or guildmates to join you if you are queued and want to be sure to have a boss fight.

Of course, if other heroes are already waiting for a match, your hero may trigger the group to drop straight into a boss fight, so there may be little or no time spent waiting.

While waiting to match for an underground boss-monster fight, you may encourage and punish your hero as usual, but most voice commands will not work as your hero is busy.

Sometimes recognising that your hero has successfully dug and is waiting to match can be challenging. If your Send to Arena, Spar a Friend, etc. options disappear from the Remote Control (but not because you have less than 50% GP), your hero is waiting to match.

Digging into a boss-monster lair will also trigger a diary entry. Below is an incomplete list of diary entries indicating that your hero is queued and waiting to match for an underground boss fight.

List of starting entries
I heard a strange sound coming from the ground ⇀ like something is moving deep underneath.
My shovel skid into the ground, opening an entrance to a den. I hear a distant roar. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
I fell into a dark cavern and felt something sinister nearby. It’s pitch black… Am I going to be eaten by a grue or something?
Discovered a small cavern. I'm going to keep absolutely still until I can be sure nothing's in here.
I have a bad feeling that I’m about to dig something that I wish I could bury back…
There's a really bad smell coming from the hole I just dug...
My excavations disturbed an old rock slide, revealing an abandoned mine shaft. Despite the “DANGER” signs, there's still gold here. I wonder why the miners left...
Got sucked into a black hole. Couldn't see anything. Can hear a lot though. None good.
As I plunged my shovel into the ground, the floor caved in and I dropped into a menacing abyss. I hope I can get out of here in time...
I just saw %pet_name% scramble away to safety. A few heroes digging nearby ran in another direction. Something isn't quite right...
Heard some noises, swearing, shouts about raids, bosses and underground caves. Is someone digging nearby? Mighty One, I'll be right back — if there's anything going on, I'll take part!
Something tells me I dug up the wrong X...
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom, there was a knock from the other side.
What are you doing, %pet_name%? Stop barking in the lair, there's nothing there... is there?
Is buried treasure supposed to growl like that?
Found an underground cave system and began to explore. Mighty One, I think something else might be down here...
I have a bad feeling that I'm about to uncover something that I'll wish I could bury again...
Found a rope in a hole. An enormous, furry, tail-like rope. I'm kind of afraid to find out what this is attached to...
It seems I have discovered an ancient underground city. Paintings on the walls depict a ferocious monster eating up humans! I've got a bad feeling about this, Omnipotent One.
When I stuck my shovel in the ground, a jet of steam shot out. A crevice is widening and my shovel is glowing blue.
The mouth of a cave just opened up. Are those unnaturally shiny and sharp stalagmites next to me or some very large teeth?
I have a bad feeling that I'm about to dig up something that should stay buried...
%pet_name% suddenly dove down a hole I had just dug. Following him, I stumbled upon a large lair...
Accidentally unearthed an enormous cave. The smell down here is atrocious. Thankfully I have a can of air freshener. I just hope whoever lives down here likes the smell of apples...
Fell into a huge pit. What kind of rabbit even makes holes this large?
Wasn't looking for trouble, but snarling from below ground tells me I found it anyway.
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