Devil Dog

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The devil dog is said to be an instrument of the devil, sent to destroy all good and vigilant heroes. However, those who own one of these animals know that it's just a rumor - hopefully, anyway! Devil dogs aren't easily tamed, they are known to be picky with choosing their masters. But once they've found a worthy friend, they are loyal companions for as long as they want to be. They are very ferocious fighters once provoked, and they are also very tactical in their approach. Occasionally, though, a devil dog will refuse to fight an opponent, and will let his master do all the messy work. Critics say this is because the dogs recognize the employees of their real master, the devil, but it's more likely that they just don't like the odor created by some of the monsters, since devil dogs tend to think quite highly of themselves. They also think highly of their masters, and are brave and energetic companions.