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Deus Kai , God of the Hero Adakel. The God who first started the ancient Great Golgatian War and also the one who ended it. Even so he started the war with the intentions of rivalry against the mortals, he switched sides and became one of the primary winners of such long running wars. After participating in the wars he took a long term moment of silence, some say he rested and others say pulled his presence from this world for a long time, but one thing is known and that is that his activities in this world where not known for a long period of time. His participation and all together with the other Gods on the Golgatian Wars greatly influenced and helped mortal kind to defeat the destructive beings that once lurked to destroy what was intended. His story has been passed down through all towns and cities, and those great feats made, but even if these feats made by the Gods where great, some where long forgotten.

This war was set to destroy the most precious resource known to Heroes but now with the acts made by the Gods and Heroes that sadly most are forgotten, now Godville can breathe in a new era that is free from these beings of destruction hatred and war. Not much is known if another creature survived or another plan is set to destroy the mortal kind or Godville as we know it. The universe can now rest at ease knowing that this war is now all gone and long mostly forgotten and a new era has been set by the grace of the Gods. Now Heroes can drink themselves to the mornings new sunshine and to the long endless happy hours at night time, even if that where not the intentions of Deus Kai but now to this era thanks to the victory of mortal kind on Golgatian Wars now they can finally do what they do best... blow off their hard earned money on beer.

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