Destroyer of Words

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Monsters of Godville
Destroyer of Words
Class Canine
Habitat Homes and hearts
Description More dangerous than it appears

The Destroyer of Words is a monster that destroys words. It is an English teacher's (or college student's) worst nightmare.


This beast originally was a dog. The pug of the great halls of Godville! But it yearned for more. It yearned to be a human! (Ominous thundercrash). It knew that the thing that makes all people, is the ability to read pop-up books. So it scoured the libraries of Anville, being shushed by many librarians, until, he found the Book. As he opened it, the words fell upon his mind and almost destroyed it, when he crushed them, by yanking them out from his ears. From that day, he vowed to destroy all words. And also a few heroes too. You know. Because he's Batm... Sorry, no, that's not right, because he is a monster.



  • Is able to eat diary entries in a single bite
  • Easily able to make your hero speechless
  • Much more dangerous than it actually appears


  • Bones will lure its attention elsewhere
  • Being called "bad dog" makes it sad
  • Does not like feline monsters or pets