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Der Moerder means the killer in German and Der Tote Mann means the dead man. The point of this account is to let Fred Flintstone have fun purposely losing.

to do

I am lazy. feel free to help with anything in this list

Real guild wikis

There are loads of them. I will attempt to make a list for myself so I can quickly find a guilds wiki in which I may care about without looking at the polluted.

Der Mörder's guide to external duel log hosting

This is a way to do it. There must be others just this works (for now). I am on windows (8). I use firefox and notepad++ (it has find and replace and highlights html syntax). (sections for quick instructions)

Save file

You will be saving files to your computer. Give them a home; make a new folder for them. Open a recent duel log. Right click anywhere and select save page. The filename should be unique and without spaces. type should be webpage complete.

Open the (htm) file with a text editor and find and replace all [filename]/ with com/.

Have an account

Set up for an account at . user name will be the subdomain prefix at bytehost. (fredflintstone → No not install a script. You should not get spam sent to your email.

The email should contain information at the bottom like:

     Cpanel Username:        b4_13469256
             Cpanel Password:        123abc
             Your URL:     or
         FTP Server :  
             FTP Login :            b4_13469256
             FTP Password :          123abc
             MySQL Database Name:    MUST CREATE IN CPANEL
             MySQL Username :        b4_13469256
             MySQL Password :        123abc
             MySQL Server:          SEE THE CPANEL

             Cpanel URL:  

Edit you site

You need the cpanel link. log in with your cpanle user name and the password. All you need in this is the link to the online file manager.

In the file manager open htdocs. Edit index.html. Erase everything and replace it with <a href="/logs">logs</a> and save.

From the file manager under htdocs find and click new dir. Make logs. Now open logs. upload the modified downloaded file. Make a new dir called com. In com upload everything that was in [file]_files folder.

In logs click make new file. Call it index.html. Paste in it something like this:

<syntaxhighlight lang="html4strict">

<html> <head> <title>Duel log archive</title> </head> <body>

My significant fights


event round

<a href="file.htm">me vs. him</a>
</body> </html> </syntaxhighlight>

Learn HTML

Not needed but should you wish to learn to add more to your site is a good place to learn.

Mobile log format

A log in the format of a phone log can be seen by adding ?format=iphone to the end of the link. You can save these and upload to your site as well.

To add - suggestions - help

Sujetions to this section can be added here, strait into the guide, or on the talk page. Got questions, something not clear? Let me know.

  • java script to give the user the mobile or desktop saved log based on current device.

Der Mörder's guide to losing

It is easiest to lose in the arena when you have a friend who wants to win. Have your friend go in first. If some one is already in they will match. This will leave you time to punish yourself and thus hurt yourself before someone goes in to match you. If not your friend just needs to win as you do nothing.

Arena Fighting Tips (Der Mörder's Parody copy of Arena#Arena_Fighting_Tips)

Each gladiator has a different style of fighting. Accordingly, this section is only intended to serve as an extremely general guide. Really, the only purpose of this section is to prevent someone from looking like a they want to win.


  • If you do not match right after you send, punish to reduce your health.
  • Do restore godpower and punish until the fight begins. During fight, gods cannot guarantee commands or actions will inflict damage on ones self. NOTE: Restoring godpower while a hero is waiting for a partner can be a waste of a charge if the hero does not find another hero to fight. It does still help a negative alignment and can gain guild influence or maybee even snag you some new artifacts.
  • Have patience! Duels can last a long time. Sometimes gods just try to snipe people at the end.
  • DON'T PANIC. No hero has ever died in the arena (sadly).


  • If you are a non-payer, only send your hero to the arena when you have 3 or more charges and 100% godpower.
  • Research your opponent. Check their arena fight history and find out who they have beaten and lost against. Check their alignment. It may provide you with some insight to their fighting style. If a hero has a "pure good!" personality, the hero's god could be less likely to punish. Similarly, if a hero is "pure evil!" hero's god could be less likely to encourage. Use this information to help determine if they are accidentally AFK or if they just don't care and send in hoping they match and win. This affects the likely hood of anything you do to help you make them make you lose.
  • Never take an arena record for granted. It can be anybody behind that account. Some gods have alternative accounts. Some gods rarely go to the arena, but are still very skilled fighters. Some just have varying stupid luck.
  • Send your opponent an invite. You can directly plea to them to fight and some gods just miss the notification that they matched.

Voice Commands (VCs)

  • Voice commands cost 5% godpower.
  • There is only a 30% chance a hero will react to a voice command. The other 70% of the time, the hero will just ignore it. Do not get discouraged if a hero ignores most voice commands.
  • Voice commands can be used to send messages to gods hoping the color alerts them to the battle.
  • Voice commands have risk. A hero can mishear a vc and take it as a sign to deal more damage.
  • Do not use recognized* types of voice commands (for example, do not give a voice command saying "rest, smite, pray").
  • Voice commands will never backfire and damage a god's hero or heal an opponent, but actions can.

There are three types of voice commands a god can use in the arena: healing words, attack words, and pray words. Below are a list of confirmed voice commands. Some of them also work in normal game play. In general they should never be used in the arena if you intend to lose. Be careful not to use any of them in a provocative statement.

Healing Words

These words prolong the fight and make you more likely to not lose: Drink, wounds, heal, restore, rest, and rejuvenate.

Attack Words

These words shorten the fight and make you more likely to not lose: Attack, hit, kick, punch, smash, smite, strike, and trample.

Pray Words

These words should neither prolong the fight nor shorten the fight and make you more likely to not lose but as with all voice commands they can be misheard and cause the hero to inflict more damage (although fights are the best place to pray): Pray, praise, give, donate, and sacrifice.

Actions (Encourage, Punish, and Miracle)

  • Actions cost 25% godpower.
  • As in normal gameplay, an encourage will generally heal a hero and a punish will generally provide a hero with additional fighting power.
  • If the difference in health is so large that there is not time for the tide to naturally turn back around, an action can be used in hope of a backfire.
  • Always be cautious when using an action because they have a 75% chance of not backfiring.
  • Punish only when the opponent has enough health points to withstand a nonbackfire.
  • Once an action backfire occurs, a god can send about 2 to 4 actions before another backfire occurs.
  • Do not go wild with the punish and encourage actions. If you are too intimidating your opponent may give up if they were around.
  • Do not make a miracle in the arena. Making miracles in the arena is rude, a faux pas, and will make other gods mad. Other gods may also talk stink about you, write your name on their wiki page, and even unfriend you. Do not do it. Take a loss with dignity. However, miracles don't help a hero win; they only steal godpower or experience points. If you do not care about your reputation you may be able to provoke your opponent into fighting.

Der Mörder's guide to not going AFK

Note: I am not dedicated enough to always follow these rules and therefore on accounts I care about winning on I will sometimes unnecessarily lose. The only perfect (yet boring) thing to do is to stay on your hero page.

Once the duel is started do not leave.

Even when you want to lose in the arena there are times were you still don't want to be afk. When waiting for a match with a boss or in the arena and even during a fight it can get very boring. (This is mostly for browser as it is all I use.)

Things to do

  • Be sure to have notifications for when the hero enters the duel and the entrance ding won't be muted
  • Be active in the guild chat
  • Talk to friends
  • Visit other pages on godville in a new tab
  • Read the forums
  • Talk on Palringo with it open on top of your browser open to your hero page
  • Unmute your computer

Do the following with caution:

  • Post on the forums
  • Read the wiki
  • Read chronicles
  • Write articles or chronicles
  • Go to other sites

Things not to do

  • Use other programs that cover up your hero page
  • Watch long videos or tv
  • Watch and chat on
  • Code
  • Leave your computer
  • Get stuck on another account
  • Fight multiple battles at once
  • Assume you have won

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a great guild. There is a reason it is one of the most popular guilds. It is comprised of very active members and are very supportive of each other.

Der Moerder was featured in the April 3rd edition of the Weekly Harvest. They even took free photos to his surprise.