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| founded = On a beautiful day
| founded = On a beautiful day
| alignment = Humane
| alignment = Humane
| pantheon = 163
| pantheon = 51
| pantheon2 = 50
| pantheon2 = 126
| pantheon3 = 22
| pantheon3 = 22
| forum = http://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/970
| forum = http://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/970
| stats = http://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/DemiGods
| stats = http://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/DemiGods
| date = 25 November 2012
| date = 18 January 2013
| number = 124
| number = 75
| town = Bumchester
| town =  
| perc = 2
| perc =  
| gold = 52117
| gold = 48340
| friend1 =  
| friend1 =  

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Notice from Delos:

This is my guild. Comment me before making any additions/changes on this page. Please and thank you.

Notice from the DemiGods Executive Committee:

This is the Official Holy Guild Page (OHGP) for the guild Demigods. All other pages you find are fake and must be sued at once!
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 48340 c.u.
Date Founded: On a beautiful day
Membership Count: 75
Pantheon of unity Rank: 51
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 126
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 22
Forum Headquarters: DemiGods
Guild Page: DemiGods 
Data current as of 18 January 2013

The DemiGods guild, fully the Holy Guild of DemiGods, is a Guild that operates in the world of Godville. This guild is a demigod guild only, which means you have to be a demigod to be accepted.


The DemiGods guild was founded on a beautiful day. It was founded by the great hero Paros with the divine help of the Goddess GodDelos .



According to legend, demigods are crosses between god and mortal. They are less prone to dying than ordinary hero(ine)s.

Though they are said to possess greater speed and agility than regular heroes, any effect is indistinguishable due to the large amounts of alcohol they consume, since no one can live heathly without a working liver.

The top 10 members by rank as of 24 November 2012:

  1. Paros, GodDelos 
  2. AndyD, GodFrozzyD 
  3. Narcasist, GodPlato 
  4. Eric Greenslade, GodTsalagi 
  5. The Engineer, GodSelund 
  6. Wasteland Wanderer, GodFenrick 
  7. Fizz, GodStokes 
  8. Elecktra, GodIceman365 
  9. Niknetniko, GodNiknetniko 
  10. Jimmy Roy, GodSoapjin 

To become a member, just join the guild. There are however some requirements to join:

  • Be a demigod (in reality or in your head; we don't care)
  • A real-life internet connection
  • Real-life electricity
  • Real-life computer


All of the top 10 members form the DemiGods Executive Committee. The head of the committee is called the Committee Governor, and this is currently GodDelos . The Committee Governor, together with the Executive Committee has absolute power. They decide on the Holy DemiGods Law. In reality however, they don't really have any power at all.

The law

The laws of the DemiGods guild are recorded by the Executive Committee in the Holy DemiGods Law. The law contains 2 sections: mandatory laws and recommendations.

Mandatory laws:

  • Do not spam the forum thread, the Guild Council or the DemiGods Wiki page.
  • Do not be "An irritating or contemptible person" (no foul language allowed xD).
  • Do not eat other heroes.
  • Do follow all the normal Godville rules.


  • Be active on at least the Guild Council, preferably also on the forum thread.
  • Add other Guild members as friends
  • Be funny
  • Contribute to the wiki page (if you have something to add, do not make idiot changes)
  • Respect the Excutive Committee


The guild provides their members with a lot of benefits and services. This is a small fraction of services offered by DemiGods:

  • Free health care (with a guild doctor)
  • Free housing (one bed/member)
  • Protection. Although it always arrives too late, DemiGods has an private army of invisible butterflies to protect members against monsters
  • A cozy Guild Counsil to chat
  • A nice forum thread
  • A cool wiki page
  • Over 9000 (yes, this is a service you pay for)
  • Cool, uh?
  • ...
  • Profit!