Deformed Rabbit

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Monsters of Godville
Deformed Rabbit
Lepus deformis
Class Mammal
Habitat Carrot patches, grassy dens
Description Gnarled and angry

The Deformed Rabbit (Lepus deformis) is a monster that once was just a cute little bunny.

Born a typical lop-eared rabbit, a terrible accident left the creature sadly misshapen. The details of that life-changing accident are unknown, but it is believed that the trauma, both physical and mental, drove the bunny into a life of monstering.

Some theories about the accident include, but are not limited to:

  • radiation
  • birth defects
  • machine mishaps
  • many fights
  • tumors
  • a curse



  • Speed
  • Shocking appearance sometimes freezes opponents
  • Razor sharp teeth


  • Self Conscience
  • The Ugly Duckling story
  • Carrots, it loves carrots
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