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Death is the total loss of all health. Alternatively, it is a type of visit from a dark hooded skeleton with supernovas buried in its eye sockets wielding an agricultural implement.

Hero Death

A hero’s death usually occurs shortly after a health bar reaches a number close to zero. Often a monster will inflict the coup de grâce and make the hero’s health bar read 0/XXX. Upon death, all of a hero’s gold coins and artifacts in inventory are paid to the grim reaper though a hero is allowed to retail all golden bricks, equipment, skills, and pet (if any). Quests are merely suspended while a hero is dead. Every death is recorded in a hero’s death count though occasional audits from mystery boxes and similar activatable artifacts do find errors so that number may increase or decrease while a hero is alive. God power is unaffected by a hero’s death.

After dying, the hero’s soul remains near the body waiting for a divine helping hand. Dead heroes retain their senses and can smell their horrifically rotting bodies. They witness first hand as maggots grimly infest their orifices and lay eggs. As a hero’s body lays in the sun exposed to the elements, the hero’s equipment inevitably begins to rust. Again, the hero can only watch in despair. While dead, a hero can still write diary entries.

Eventually, a hero’s guild mates or friends may discover the hero’s dead body. If so, these people will prepare it for burial by taking it to a town. Since guild mates and friends are so helpful, they always carry a hero’s equipment too.

Ultimately, if a God does not resurrect a hero within 24 hours of dying, the hero will resurrect himself. If a hero does resurrect himself though, he may be a bit grouchy and upset at his god for not doing his celestial duties. For more information on resurrection, see Resurrection.

After a while, heroes grow accustomed to dying and see it like a little afternoon nap. Some even start to enjoy the momentary rest from all their questing..

Death is never much of a permanent problem when you have your very own personal god..

It may be possible for a god to induce a hero to commit suicide. Sending the voice command "die" while the hero is traveling or questing (and not when fighting a monster or in a town) may or may not convince the hero to kill himself.

One of the reasons a god might wish kill a hero is to gain an achievement:

  • Martyr, 1st rank - 150 deaths
  • Martyr, 2nd rank - 50 deaths
  • Martyr, 3rd rank - 10 deaths

Monster Death

Heroes kill monsters all the time. In a typical day, a hero may kill 100 to 200 monsters. Fear not though for monsters often return to life, though no one is sure how. Some monsters let out a death rattle just before dying. After killing a monster, heroes often find gold coins and an artifact on the dead monster’s body.

Pet Immortality

Unlike heroes and monsters, pets are immortal. Immortality thought comes at a cost. A particularly devastating blow can knock a pet out. Pets cannot be un-knocked out by a mere press of a godly button like heroes. Instead, a hero must persuade a priest to heal the pet. Persuasion of a priest generally requires about 450 gold coins times the current level of the pet. If a hero does not convince a priest to revive the pet within 60 hours, the pet will wake up, but will lose all levels and the will to compete.

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