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The grim reaper comes for every hero eventually...

When a hero is slayed by either a monster or another hero, their soul hangs about around their body waiting for a divine helping hand. They still retain their senses and can horrifically smell their bodies rotting and grimly watch the maggots infest them. Their equipment starts to rust and they are able to do nothing but watch in despair. Eventually their body may be discovered and prepared for burial but their god usually has helped them by that time. A Hero loses all their gold and loot when they dies. Also, they'll have to restart their Quest from the very beginning and their god loses all their Godpower. The god does not lose any accumulator charges, however.

What to do about it

The hero can be instantly resurrected in the nearest town's temple by their god's wish, using the Remote Control and it costs 0% Godpower. Heroes can also resurrect themselves after being dead for approximately 24 hours, though self-resurrection may leave them in a bad mood for a while.