Deaf Leopard

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The deaf leopard's tale is a tragic one. One day, it was innocently strolling through the forest near Godville, hunting for its favorite snack: blueberries. (It was a vegetarian at the time). The blueberries made a special sound when the wind blew through the leaves, and leopard had very sharp hearing then, perfect for picking out those noises and finding the bushes amongst the thick undergrowth. It had just caught the sound of a blueberry bush nearby and started after it. But before he took more than two steps, a hero suddenly stumbled onto the path, looking extremely lost and confused. Seeing the leopard caught him off guard, and he let out a painfully loud shriek. After the hero ran away in fright, the leopard's head felt fuzzy. This shout had caused the sharp-eared leopard to go deaf!

Now the deaf leopard, it swore to take revenge on all heroes for denying it of its delicious blueberries! And after its retirement, it had lots of deaf leopard babies! It kindled their hatred towards heroes until all they wanted to do was kill them.


  • Vengeful aggressiveness
  • Sharp claws
  • Quick and nimble


  • Deaf in both ears
  • No opposable thumbs
  • Missing one arm