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Particle collision creates lots of data, right? Datamine was made to collide the heaviest, most energy-dense (and also dumbest) particles of Godville – the lab bosses.
Godville Blog, post 130: Datamine

The datamine is a great underground resource where nuggets of pure information can be harvested. The datamine appeared on Dec 12 2019 (3500 g.e.) [1]. Heroes, being the creatures they are, are highly averse to such a source of knowledge, for fear their heads would explode. As a result, a god wishing to harvest this rich source of information needs to have awakened a boss-monster. These frankensteined bosses are brutes who fear nothing, even the mind-exploding wealth of knowledge beneath the earth, and so will boldly head into the datamine with a little divine push.

How to Start

Gods or Goddesses with an awakened boss monster can send their champion to the datamine for 50 godpower (unless the boss is recovering after being summoned in a boss fight). If at least one other boss is sent in the 15 minute waiting period, the boss proceeds to the datamine, and cannot be sent again for 6 hours. If no other boss is sent to datamine, then the boss returns to the lab and the hero continues business as usual, and the god must wait 1 hour to send their boss again.

Datamine entrances are found out in the wilderness. If your hero is in town while you send the command, your hero and boss will be teleported outside town to a location nearby. While the boss is down in the datamine, the hero will take the opportunity to take a break where he currently is. Unlike other potentially traumatic adventures like dungeoning and sailing, since your hero is not personally involved in the mining run, a Send to Datamine command will not cause him to forget known Points of Interest on the map.


A datamine in progress. Boss D is about to move and the viewing god has full thrust.

A datamine starts with four bosses in each corner of a square map which is eleven tiles wide. Unlike duels, dungeons and sails, there is no text, only the map. If there are not four bosses available, remaining spaces are filled with autonomous creatures named "dummy boss". These bosses only have 50-60 health and never receive any influence, as they are not linked to any god.

Symbol Appearance Meaning Notes
@ At sign in a large circle with one side darkened Your boss The dark side shows where the boss will move if it is not pushed. Adjacent tiles are highlighted when thrust is at 100%. The boss turns red when it is about to move.
A A, B, C or D in a large circle Other boss Turns red when about to move.
1 1 or 11 in a small circle Bits A boss gains a bit when moving onto this tile, or 2 bits if the tile is marked 11. Collecting bits deals damage to the boss.
11 11 in a rounded square Locked Bits Acts as a wall, will eventually transform into regular bits over time or if a boss is pushed into it. Turns green if about to turn into bits.
# Hash in a rounded square Obstacle Acts as a wall, transforms into an empty tile if a boss is pushed into it.
+ Plus sign Medkit Bosses gain health and 5 thrust if they step on this square.
x Cross Thruster Bosses take damage when stepping on this, but gain 50 thrust.
💀 Skull Dead boss A boss died here, identical to an empty tile.

Bosses move around the map by themselves, with a tendency to walk towards nearby items on the map. As indicated by the segments on the ticking progress bar, the different bosses will sequentially each make their move during each round. Bosses decide which direction they will move in at the start of the round, and will not change their mind regardless of what else happens during that round before they get their turn to move. Initially, many tiles are unexplored, and therefore unknown, but their contents become visible when a boss moves near them. Boss movement cannot be directly controlled, nor can bosses be directly targeted by most influences. The only way to move a boss is with a resource unique to the datamine called thrust, described below.


Collisions occur when one boss tries to enter a tile where another boss is in. When bosses collide, both take damage and are pushed away from each other, flying four to six tiles in opposite directions. If a flying boss hits an obstacle, locked bits, or another boss, it will stop early and take extra damage. When hit by a flying boss, an obstacle turns into an empty tile, and locked bits are turned into accessible bits. If another boss is hit as a result of the initial collision, that boss is sent flying in the same manner on the next turn.

For all collisions, there is a chance that the force of the impact may knock a bit of knowledge right out of these creatures' puny brains. In such cases, a bit will appear on the tile the boss was originally standing on. Whenever a boss is sent flying, it does not collect bits, medkits or thrusters on the way; however, if the boss lands on a tile with something on it, the item will be picked up immediately.


Gods always have trouble getting their champions to do what they wish, and this is even stronger in the datamine when the gods must influence a creature that doesn't have much tendency to care for gods.

Encouragement will spawn a medkit near the boss.

Punishment will spawn a thruster near the boss.

Godvoice is not available. Not that it matters, as the boss wouldn't listen anyway.

Miracles will spawn a medkit, thruster, or bit near the boss.

Items that are spawned by influences will have their map tile be temporarily highlighted in color, and the hover text will indicate which deity was responsible for them. Note that the bosses will continue to move about in their usual uncoordinated manner, and there is no guarantee that your own boss will pick up the gift you spawned.

Thrust pushes a boss as if it was in a collision. Use this to rapidly change position, break up walls or throw aside other bosses. To initiate a push, click on an adjacent map tile in the direction you want your boss to be flung in. This action costs 100 thrust and 15% godpower. Each god starts with 50 thrust when they enter the datamine, gains 10 thrust each round, can gain more by picking up items, but cannot go above 100 thrust. When thrust is used to push your boss into another boss, your boss is not bounced backward by the collision, and will not lose a bit this way.

Data Bits & End Game

The goal of datamining is to gather data, and the bosses can gather this bit by bit. Your progress is indicated by the bar that looks like 0+[11......] at the top of the interface. Every 1 bit your boss collects replaces one of the dots in the bar. Every full line of eight bits gets secured, indicated like 1+[........], and it is no longer possible to lose those bits by collisions. Incomplete lines are lost when the boss is knocked out or upon exiting the datamine.

Most things a boss does in a datamine, including collecting bits, deal damage to it, and bosses with more health take more damage. If a boss drops to 0 HP, it is knocked out and cannot continue. If this happens as a result of collecting a bit, that final bit is lost and not counted.

You have a limited time to help your boss complete its datamine run, about 15 minutes of real time. After 40 turns, all remaining bosses will be ejected out of the datamine.


The boss-monster can mint bosscoins from the datamine, earning one bosscoin for every eight bits they collect. Bosscoins are worth a lot on the market, however their value fluctuates drastically every few minutes. Current exchange rates for bosscoins are published in the Godville Times and that’s exactly what traders will pay for them at that moment.

In addition, for every bosscoin collected, the hero also learns one glyph for their holy book. If three bosscoins have already been collected within 24 hours, any further bosscoins collected within that 24-hour period are no longer guaranteed to grant glyphs. Whether they do is left up to the whims of the Great Random.

In the Diary

!Started [2]
08:52 AM I feel a great disturbance in the force. Better wait till Mighty One and Tombcat return from datamine.
!Ended [2]
09:10 AM Notes from the datamine: the run was a success. Tombcat earned a bosscoin and found a glyph for the book.
!Unmatched [2]
09:06 Looks like no other bosses were ready for the datamine. We should try later, Mighty One.


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