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DarcyLewis lv35.jpg
Champion of the God: NobodyIsPerfectButMe
Personality: Fabulous
Gender: Female
Level: 72
Motto: Best parties are Post-mortem!
Guild: The Forsakens Lament
Guild Rank: Regent
Temple Completion Date: 16.03.2017
Ark Completion Date: 24.10.2018
Pet Type: anything usefull
Pet Name: whatever it will answer to...
Pet Healing Count: who has time for that...
Most Hated Monster: Godvilla
Personal Rival: God of Monsters

Oblivious hero, Cluesless adventurer, self-salvaging Damsel in distress adopted by NobodyIsPerfectButMe for amusement of possesing of her own heroin. (God-ly persona clearly should first check the difference in dictionary before acquiring one of those...)


Heroine considers as family her pet and, occasionally, her God. Sometimes. So ungrateful. She is pretty tight-lipped about other relatives, although we know that her father is still alive. So... she probably had a mother too, unless there is truth in this gossip about unfortunate heroes who accidentally chopped off their bits over sea foam...

+Sven the Talking Donkey was Darcy's first pet. He was pretty useless but Darcy never took notice, too occupied by his nasty character and euphory of finally having a pet. He took a liking to destroying loot and attacking monsters which his heroine clearly was not able to overcome by herself. He escaped after he was knocked out and Darcy forgot to revive him in time. It's hard to tell who was more disappointed by this fact, the owner of said donkey or all surrounding farmers that are getting currently mugged of carrots.

+Pumba the Stripeless Zebra - thanks to him Darcy for the first time in forever felt that someone cared. Meaning, Pumba cuddled with her, healed her and give her rides on his back. In thanks Darcy limited her drinking when evil tawern owner didn't let her pet in. He is adventurous and tends to prank monks or other holy men. Hell, he set the fire to some temple once.

Thanks to him heroine got weird squiggle near her name, next to squiggle for finished temple. She still don't know what to do with this fact. (She suspects both squiggles to be secretly ramen ingredients, co maybe CatchingThemAll!will pay off as yummy snack)

He get knocked out at ripe age of 8 months 12 days by some jealous monster who through that he can be new pet. Obviously, silly thing was deadly wrong. After getting back to himself leveless, Darcy decided that retirement for Pumba is in order and dropped him off at some orphanage to cheer up kids. Cause Pumba is sappy like that, he was quite ok with it.

Current pets:

Gleep the Heffalump When Pumba left, Darcy lv. 49 got so lonely, that she made an imaginary friend. At least she thinks that Gleep is imaginary. Shh!

Gleep turned out to be especially loyal (and hard to kill) familiar and get to experience "the old age" everyone is talking about. He helped tremonduously in keeping his heroine alive and was probably the only reason this silly wench managed to build fully functioning boat. His resistence was rewarded when he get his own retirement suite in arc with spa build in.

Sparky the Hyper Lynx turned up all by himself, like cats are wont to do. God-ly patron was suspicious at first at this sudden increase in pets of her heroine (lv. 72, single and to be taken!) but was consolidated quickly by his exceptionally good electrical conductance.

with great flourish and glee to the ark of Darcy also joined:

Stitch the Philosoraptor mighty rideable beast striving to uncover why 42 is the meaning of life. Not named Aristotelus Rex only due to 10 letter name restriction.


Mollymouk the santa claws (previously known as Shelby but hush! he's sensitive about it) aquired after showing Sparky not-so-gently into ark in Christmas event of 2018

DarcyLewis's first stay in prison


"Chasing golden bricks was fun... not. Storm clouds were over my hear too often to count. But somehow I managed building this Golden Shack, co hopefully my God will piss off ...what? You want some overpriced yacht now, Almighty?" - DarcyLewis
"The deed is done, The boat has sailed... and sinked. Was that what you wanted it for, Capricious One?" - DarcyLewis

To see further deeds, go to this hero's Chronicles or godville page of heroine's god. No pet monsters were harmed in making this Chronicles (it was already dead when i found it).