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#redirect[[Dandy Lion]]
| image = DandyLion.jpg
| class = Mammal
| description = refined meateater
| habitat = plains, serengeti, upscale tea shoppes
| levels = 30+
Always the delight of any battle, the dandy lion makes for an excellent companion in troubled times.
== In the Wild ==
=== Habitat ===
Beginning life in the rustic plains and serengeti, the dandy lion has turned against the rough lifestyle of its wilder counterparts. Preferring to spend its days reading the [[Godville Times]] and chatting about the most recent temple decor, the modern dandy lion is often found in the most select tea establishments.
=== Appearance ===
The dandy lion can be differentiated from the wilder counterpart by taking careful notice of the monocle. Most lions opt for Lasix (though some controversy exists as to whether they're simply misguided and believe that they'll get a laser shooting '''from''' their eyes), but the dandy lion prefers the refinement of the monocle - a classy statement for any occasion. Tophats are, of course, optional.
[[File:DandyLion2.gif|thumb|left|Is this dandy lion dressed up for a night on the town? No, this is what he normally wears.]]
=== Personality ===
== Tamed ==
Dandy lions are given to playing tricks on the enemy, often to the adventurer's advantage.
Dandy lions also have a deep secret: they like to be ridden. It is true, what they say: "the more prim and proper on the outside, the deeper the kink goes."
== Strengths and Weaknesses ==
=== Strengths ===
*Great conversationalists.
*Can be ridden - '''all night long.'''
*Learned the art of misdirection from Siegfried and Roy.
=== Weaknesses ===
*Easily distracted by tea shoppes.
*Faints at the sight of blood.
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