Damn good coffee

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Not to be confused with nice cup of tea.
Artifacts of Godville
Damn good coffee
Type 💊Healing
Description A damn good beverage.

Damn good coffee is a cherished healing brew from Beerburgh.

Beerburgh's Baristas

A town devoted to beer needs some folks devoted to nursing the hangovers. The baristas are a small guild of brewers who refused to handle booze and only serve coffee shots. This is a restorative drink that alleviates pain, vanishes tiredness and, some say, even cures hangovers.

The Top Shelf

Usually baristas serve cheap coffee and charge little more than the price of the powder, but for the best customers they'll serve a special brew. Damn good coffee is made of many exotic and rare ingredients:

  • Hallowed coffee grounds: this powder is brewed, it has been stripped of some caffeine so that it won't kill you but it still has most of the kick.
  • Pristine water from River Kraktor: This river does flow near Beerburgh, although its waters start being safe to drink near the higher course. That's why baristas will pay for gallons of pure water instead of just boiling it out like their alcoholic colleagues.
  • Cash Cow milk: they do not produce milk, not often. They would only lactate to make room for more gold, a lot of gold indeed, thus each drop is prohibitively expensive. Their milkers have to feed the beasts with gold bricks until their milk is ripe for extraction. Baristas have to order jugs between five or six breweries to afford it.

Prescription Brew

This is a sacred drink that is meant to heal all those afflicted or severely hurt. Time ago they would go giving it by hand to those requesting. But eventually traders found out and tried to strike a deal with baristas, whom agreed to sell tin cans of damn good coffee as healing artifacts.