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The Daily Forecast, introduced as part of Godville's third birthday celebrations in May 2013 [1], is a section of the Godville Times where heroes and their gods can see what unusual cosmic effects, if any, are acting upon the denizens of Godville on that day. Either exactly two special rules will apply on any given day, or none.


Daily forecast of the 01 May 2019, including the new vote option, the bolded option being the choice of the God who took that screenshot.

With the new feature released on 01 May 2019[2], Gods can now vote to influence the upcoming daily forecast.

Three choices are randomly proposed to Gods every day who may vote only once a day, the chosen option appearing bold afterward. The winning forecast choice will be annoted with a 🗳️ the next day.

For now, it seems the vote influences only one of the two possible forecasts as shown on the second picture.

Daily forecast of the 02 May 2019, including the 🗳️ emoji displayed next to the winning forecast

List of possible forecasts

  • Activatable artifacts found that day cost half as much godpower as usual to activate.
  • Activatable artifacts sold that day are worth much more or less than usual.
  • Accumulator charges restore 70% of godpower instead of 50%.
  • Underground boss-monsters are much easier to find when digging.
  • Boss-monsters carry more gold than usual.
  • All monsters defeated will grant an artifact.
  • Heroes and heroines are more likely to lose, destroy, and ruin their artifacts.
  • Heroes and heroines are more likely to be given an epic quest.
  • Heroes and heroines are more likely to return to Godville when returning to town.
  • Encourage and punish influences have a greater than usual effect on personality.
  • Auras last twice or half as long as usual.
  • Sending a hero to the arena costs only 25% of godpower instead of 50%.
  • Skill upgrades cannot be bought.
  • Skills are more likely to be used in combat, trading, and travel.
  • Equipment cannot be bought.
  • Prayers restore more godpower.
  • Heroes and heroines are less likely to spend money in taverns and, if eligible, put into savings instead.
  • Encouragements and punishes have a greater than usual effect on Guild town popularity.
  • Gold coin rewards for the Bingo game in the Godville Times is much higher than usual.
  • Voice of god commands are more likely to be heard by their hero.
  • No special medical treatment is provided to guild members by doctors.