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Long, long ago, in the land of DOS, there was a man known by the name of Byte. For many moons cycles, Byte knew that his world was slowly falling apart. He could see his world getting smaller and smaller by the day. His world was losing influence in the galaxy and he could see that his world, and everyone inside it, would eventually cease to exist.

To prevent this, Byte built a time flux capacitor to travel back in time, but he knew little of the effects of the machine. Byte entered into the machine and travelled a great distance; so far and so long, that he fell asleep. When he awoke, he couldn't believe his eyes; before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She pulled him out of the rubble, performed CPR, and took him home. After many days of floating in and out of consciousness (and a lot of TLC from the beautiful woman), Byte finally gained his senses.

"Hi, my name is Beta," she said and with that, they fell in love.

Well, Byte and Beta knew that even though they were from two very different worlds--Byte from DOS land and Beta from Windows world--they were destined to be together. After many "loading . . ." moments, they created a son and named him Cursor.

Instilled with knowledge from the past and present and loaded with the strength from many floppy discs and CD-ROMS, Cursor knew he was a different kind of runt.

After much patience, practice, hard work, and many years in Yourspace, Curser was ready to embark into the world of Spacebook. While he was transitioning, he got a snail-mail informing him that his parents were ruthlessly killed by the evil HacIntosh, the merciless Bates Gill, and the Widow-Maker: Mircosoftener.

Cursor, having nothing but his parents to live for, embarked on a journey like no other. Through page after page, window after window, tabs, errors, and endless websites, Cursor sought to find the murderers of his parents and get his revenge. After years of searching and failing, he renamed himself The Cyber Punk.

The Cyber Punk is now alone, with nothing to lose, fueled by anger, fed by pain. With no emotion for anyone that crosses his path, he is a merciless killer.

Unfortunate is the hero who encounters him on a long journey into the unknown.


  • Can travel to and from any world with his time flux capacitor.
  • Nearly unlimited strength and knowledge of weaponry.
  • An emotionless and savage killer.


  • Nearly incapacitated when without an internet or Wi-fi connection.
  • Completely devoid of Spacebook and Yourspace friends.
  • Deathly afraid of floppy discs, keyboards, and zip drives.